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Artist:Dreamcatcher Circle Size:
Approach Rate:
Title:Fly High HP Drain:
Star Difficulty:
Creator:dingo424 Accuracy:
Length:3:29 (3:13 drain)
Source: Genre:Unspecified (Other) BPM:154
Tags:dreamcatcher prequel 날아올라 fly high 지유 수아 시연 한동 유현 다미 가현 jiu sua siyeon handong yoohyeon dami gahyeon User Rating:
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Jul 28, 2017
Aug 26, 2017
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Fly high~ Let's get it started!

Beatmap Updates
2017.07.28. Uploaded beatmap
2017.07.29. Finished Insane diff
2017.07.31. Finished Hard diff
2017.08.01. Finished Normal diff and Easy diff
2017.08.02. Applied Sandrew's mod
2017.08.03. Applied josh1024's mod
2017.08.08. Applied ShiiTsuin's mod
2017.08.10. Applied Zunv's mod
2017.08.11. Applied UniqueBlock11's, QuiescentRabbit's mod[
2017.08.13. Applied -CerealBox-'s, Arphimigon's mod
2017.08.16. Applied niruko's mod
2017.08.19. Few changes in Normal diff
2017.08.20. Few changes in Easy diff
2017.08.24. Few changes in Hard diff
2017.08.26. Applied AJamez's mod