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Artist:WEAVER Circle Size:
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Title:Kuchizuke Diamond HP Drain:
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Creator:Broly Accuracy:
Length:3:51 (3:33 drain)
Source:山田くんと7人の魔女 Genre:Unspecified (Other) BPM:164
Tags:yamada-kun to 7-nin no majo night rainbow a-sketch celsius yshadowxop_ victorfernando eriveltongold User Rating:
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Jan 26, 2017
Apr 26, 2017
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Ty for the mod, Nidalee.
- 25/01/2017

Some new updates, ty for the mod: 6th. Added video.
- 26/01/2017

A few more updates, removed video.
- 27/01/2017

Ty for the mod Wuab & 6th.
- 28/01/2017

Finished the map, fixed some spacing issues, fixed hitsounds and boring repeated sliders, updated BG, ty for the mod Bite You Death.
- 29/01/2017

Fixed a lot of spacing issues, fixed some problems with a few triples.
- 30/01/2017

Idk how to describe it but lets just say more spacing fixes, fixed hitsounds.
- 31/01/2017

More fixes to spacing issues.. I guess, fixed hitsounds.. again.
- 01/02/2017

Even more spacing issues fixed, maybe, made it a bit harder.
- 02/02/2017

Ty for the mod, Metaku & Toshino Kyoko.
- 03/02/2017

Improved hitsounds & spacing.
- 04/02/2017

Ty iiOkward for the GD!, improved Kiai a bit from the feedback on small repeated sliders, disabled countdown (Forgot to disable at start), updated combos, improved calm bits, new GD by october! [Soon to be updated]
- 05/02/2017

Updated BG, updated hitsounds (Added new ones).
- 06/02/2017

Hitsounds updated once more, added new kiai, updated the new kiai (by adding in two triples).
- 07/02/2017

Fixed some whistle hitsounds.
- 08/02/2017

Changed the new kiai a bit, made the jumps more difficult, spaced some objects further out.
- 09/02/2017

Slider velocity now increases up to 1.25x on kiai.
- 10/02/2017

Changed spacing on kiais, ty for the GD yShadowXOP_!.
- 11/02/2017

Fixed some issues with some hitsounds.
- 12/02/2017

Some spacing issues on kiai fixed.
- 13/02/2017

Minor updates.
- 15/02/2017

Fixed some whistle hitsounds.
- 16/02/2017

Fixed some spacing issues and patterns.
- 23/02/2017

Fixed a slider+circle before second kiai (Replaced with repeated slider)
- 24/02/2017

Updated yShadowXOP_'s difficulty
- 26/02/2017

Small spacing update to Insane difficulty.
- 04/03/2017

Removed october's difficulty upon request.
- 12/03/2017

Changed the timing a bit.
- 19/03/2017

Fixed a lot of timing issues and spacing issues, reduced slidertick spam by a ton.
- 20/03/2017

A few more spacing issues fixed.
- 21/03/2017

Fixed some hitsounds.
- 22/03/2017

Fixed a few spacing issues.
- 24/03/2017

Re-adjusted the second kiai jumps.
- 25/03/2017

Changed/Fixed some sliderarts.
- 26/03/2017

Fixed some hitsounds on kiai.
- 27/03/2017

Fixed a triple on the second kiai which wasn't supposed to be there.
- 01/04/2017

Removed some repeated sliders and made them regular in order to fit the vocals.
- 03/04/2017

Increased the spacing on most objects to make it less awkward.
- 04/04/2017

Had to fix a few hit sound errors in some parts.
- 07/04/2017

Updated Collab a bit (Still in progress).
- 08/04/2017

Collab update.
- 09/04/2017

- 10/04/2017

Updated tags and difficulty name for Easy.
- 14/04/2017

Worked on some slider arts on insane difficulty.
- 15/04/2017

Changed AR to 9.
- 18/04/2017

Reduced the sliderspam on the intro.
- 19/04/2017

Fixed a couple of sliders in slow parts.
- 20/04/2017

Mod update.
- 26/04/2017