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Artist:Shinee Circle Size:
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Title:Ring Ding Dong HP Drain:
Star Difficulty:
Creator:CrymynaL Accuracy:
Length:2:02 (1:33 drain)
Source:2009, Year of Us Genre:Unspecified (Other) BPM:125.06
Tags:crymynal onew jonghyun key minho taemin butterfly shinee User Rating:
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Feb 10, 2012
Feb 12, 2012
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Ring Ding Dong.. ^^
Not Approval Yet.


[x]= I did it.

-00:25:802 - Maybe add a slider or spinner, this break could be filled. [x]
-00:38:836 (2),(4) - Spacing [I didn't understand but I think you mean the space between 1-2 and betwen 2-4]
-01:04:726 - This sounds a bit off for me, also try changing the spacing/order of hitcircles here. [change for slider]
-01:08:525 (3) - New combo, like you did ^ [x]
-01:12:360 (3) - ^ [x]
-01:55:700 -> 01:59:234 - Strange use of combos... [Fixed, haha]


Added A new Difficulty and Some details.