Let's learn about osu! for the iPhone and iPod Touch!

osu! is a rhythm game based on the gameplay of a variety of popular commercial rhythm games. Since its creation, the osu! community has steadily grown to the size it is today. For more information of the PC version of osu!, check out the About page or the FAQ. osu! iPhone was originally proposed to peppy in August 2008 by nuudles, a developer who wanted to create a port of osu! to the iPhone and iPod Touch platform. Several months in the making, osu! iPhone is nearing release on the Apple App Store and a public release on the Cydia application installer for jailbroken devices. If you're interested in creating beatmaps or otherwise joining the osu! community, please join us in the Forum! Registration is free!

Obtaining osu! iPhone

osu! iPhone is available on the ModMyi Public Cydia repository. To install, you must install the main osu! package and the default osu! skin. Currently, only the default skin is supported however new skins may appear after skin support is further implemented. Questions/bug reports may be directed to the iPhone portion of the Forum. Note, if you get the "Downloaded file does not appear to be a zip file..." error when downloading a beatmap, the permissions of the /var/mobile/Documents should be changed to 777 or the owner should be changed to the "mobile" user. After changing that, please remove the osu folder from the /var/mobile/Documents directory and restart osu!.

osu! iPhone Interface

Main Menu

When osu! for the iPhone is launched, a loading screen will appear until all the required textures from the current skin are loaded. Then a progress bar will show the progress of loading all the beatmaps from the beatmap database. Any new beatmaps will be processed at this time and if there are many new beatmaps, this will take a while. Once the beatmaps are fully loaded, the Main Menu will appear, as seen above.


Touching the Options button brings you to the Options screen, which is pretty empty currently. The only option you can set is "No-fail mode," which if enabled will allow you to continue playing a beatmap even if you have 0 health. This mode is for testing and therefore will not allow you to achieve a high score when enabled.

Song Selection

Pressing the "Solo" button brings you to the Song Selection screen. Here you can browse through your current song library with a flick of the finger. By default, the songs are sorted by Title. You can toggle between sorting by Title or Artist by selecting one of the two tabs to the top right. Selecting the X on the right of each beatmap listing allows you to permanently delete a beatmap from your library, including any high scores you have acquired. The colors of the beatmaps matches the colors for the PC version:
  • Red: this beatmap only has one difficulty version.
  • Pink: this beatmap has not been played yet (on beatmap sets with more than one difficulty version).
  • Orange: this beatmap has been played (on beatmap sets with more than one difficulty version).

Difficulty Selection

Once you select a song, you are brought to the difficulty selection screen if there are multiple difficulties to choose from. Here you can see different difficulties of the beatmaps available colored as described above. Each difficulty also has the number of stars calculated.

Song Scoreboard

Finally, selecting a difficulty brings you to the Scoreboard for that particular difficulty, which shows you the high scores obtained for that difficulty. From here, you can either select the beatmap again or touch the "osu!" button on the bottom right to begin the game!

Downloading Beatmaps

The Search tab and the Newest tab allow you to browse through beatmaps online to download new songs. Search enables you to search via a specific keyword while Newest shows the 100 newest songs available to download. The Title, Artist, and Creator of each beatmap are shown. Flick through the selections and select a song to begin downloading the beatmap straight to your device and add it to your library.
That's not a real spinner you see, just a way to show the download progressing. Touch the X on the bottom right to cancel the download and return to the previous screen. Once the download is finished, it will be extracted, processed, and added to your library.

Game Screen

Once you start the game, you're brought to the main game screen. To the top left you'll see your life bar, the top right shows your current score, and the bottom left shows your current score multiplier. During a break period, only the score is shown and for longer breaks, the game will indicate whether you are currently passing or failing. Questions as to how to play osu! can be answered in the FAQ. Touching the screen with two fingers brings up the Pause menu:
Touching Continue will bring you right back into the action of the game. Retry will restart the beatmap. Finally, Back To Menu will bring you back to the song selection process.
When the beatmap is finished, you will be brought to the ranking screen. If the score is a new high score, you will be presented with a dialog box to enter your name. The ranking screen shows your score, accuracy, and a breakdown of scores per hitobject. Finally the grade ranking is on the right. Below the grade are buttons allowing you to restart the beatmap or return back to the song selection menu.