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osu! is a free-to-play online rhythm game
osu! gameplay is based on a variety of popular commercial rhythm games. While keeping some authentic elements, osu! adds huge customisation via skins/beatmaps/storyboarding, online rankings, multiplayer and boasts a community with over 500,000 active users! Play the way you want to play, with your own music, and share your creations with others.


15.03.31 osu!coins!

Hey guys, peppy here! After some long hard considerations, I have determined the current business model is unprofitable.

15.03.28 osu!weekly #3

Hello again! Tasha here, bringing you another week of osu!weekly. We’ve got some exciting changes coming to osu! soon, including a sweeping new change that while it won’t be mentioned in the news, it’s sure to surprise you all!

15.03.21 osu!weekly #2

alt text

Introducing the newest product to the osu!storeBeatmap Blueprints.

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16:02:00Illumiis : this morning everything was in comic sans but they changed it
16:02:00* Ulygold is playing [ Renard - Because Maybe! pt. 3 [Marathon]]
16:02:06minisen : Who said when the private jet campaign will end?
16:02:17Encre : is there a way to disable coin popups
16:02:18GurrenHen : no one
16:02:22Encre : shit is distracting
16:02:23DeathnoteJapan : nope
16:02:24Cybergirl_Llena : for a week? seriously :v
16:02:25minisen : Encre: hell naw
16:02:27minisen : Deal with it.