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osu! is a free-to-win online rhythm game
osu! gameplay is based on a variety of popular commercial rhythm games. While keeping some authentic elements, osu! adds huge customisation via skins/beatmaps/storyboarding, online rankings, multiplayer and boasts a community with over 500,000 active users! Play the way you want to play, with your own music, and share your creations with others.


15.11.30 osu!weekly #37

Hey everyone! Another week of news, with some big suprises this week along with previous ongoing events.

Hello everyone and sorry for the late announcement! The Ranking Charts for October 2015 have just been released and can be found here! This month Priti, SKSalt, - Magic Bomb - and ExUsagi picked the maps for the Monthly Ranking Charts.

15.11.23 osu!weekly #36

Greetings All. I want to say thank you to everyone that gave feedback on the previous weekly, and for all your encouraging words as I stepped into this role. Some big stuff going on this week, let us get to it.

15.11.17 osu!weekly #35

Hello everyone. I would like to announce that I, Tari, will be your new osu!weekly editor! Please give a round of applause to our previous editors whom have done a wonderful job so far. That being said, Lets get straight to the news.

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21:25:29Swash : yo
21:25:33Zman840 : unless its a repeat offender... then again it wouldn't be accidental
21:25:39auchi391 : poor guy
21:25:50Runar : 2lmao hi kobold
21:26:04Kobold84 : Hello, Lunar.
21:26:09Swash : Why we talking about this anyway. Why not talk about something awesome like circles and ...
21:26:11GNBT_Kuze : KJM
21:26:17Swash : yeah, that's as far as I got.
21:26:21Kusavil : I today accidentally spammed in #videogames: I was in multiplayer, I started writing the message, then when game started I kept writing and pressed Enter, to see that game... changed my channel into #videogames and I posted there fragment of post, out of context :O
21:26:25muddle2 : ;-; umg