osu! is a free-to-win online rhythm game
osu! gameplay is based on a variety of popular commercial rhythm games. While keeping some authentic elements, osu! adds huge customisation via skins/beatmaps/storyboarding, online rankings, multiplayer and boasts a community with over 500,000 active users! Play the way you want to play, with your own music, and share your creations with others.


New and improved, the open-form Mapping With Rewards mapping contests are back! Map a selection of Featured Artist tracks for your shot at a variety of prizes, from osu!supporter, custom profile badges to your submission earning a special spot in the game!
It’s a big month for the Spotlights, with shiny new medals for finishing each set finally making their way into the game client. Additionally, we have TWO months worth of Spotlights to present to you, featuring some of the best maps from both July and August. Read on to find out more!
The osu! Coffee Hour's back for its third sitting, featuring everything Beatmap Nominators (BN) / Quality Assurance Team (QAT) related, and the overhaul of the whole system that's on the horizon. Get your questions answered and see where the future of the game's beatmapping scene is heading!
With the osu! and osu!taiko communities flexing their creative muscles in the past two Aspire contests, the time is ripe for the fruit-catchers to take the spotlight, to the sound our very own Featured Artist, OISHII!

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19:56:28Treefree : oh so he was banelings
19:56:31vSynchro : you didnt np
19:56:33vSynchro : wtf
19:56:33Mermony_Defrag : lol
19:56:37Alaizett : ah?
19:56:43Mermony_Defrag : tutoorial so hard
19:56:45Mermony_Defrag : 11*
19:56:45vSynchro : do it again
19:56:48* Alaizett is playing [https://osu.ppy.sh/b/524774 Twin-Tails - Twintail Dreamer! [P A N's Insane]]
19:57:01vSynchro : why tho lo