Release Notes for next (Cutting Edge)

Add metric for rate limited connections peppy
Add stable registration rate limiting peppy
Initial permissions + cleanup. smoogipooo
Move Locked and tournament countdown timer to OsuMatch. smoogipooo
New permissions \o/. smoogipooo
Make !mp move only move slots, add !mp add. smoogipooo
Fix !mp add and !mp switch permissions. smoogipooo
Remove unneeded code from !mp move. smoogipooo
Make IRC tournament clients able to handle non OsuMatchTourney. smoogipooo
Fix incorrect condition. smoogipooo
Let's not do this. smoogipooo
A few more permissions. smoogipooo
Refine conditions peppy
Make a few more commands public peppy
Remove unused assignment peppy
Remove unnnecessary bool peppy
Code tidying peppy
Report threadpool counts peppy
HTTP logic rewrite peppy
Remove "DontHandleNewConnection" logic peppy
Fix (and force) keep-alive peppy
Remove old rate limiting peppy
Refactoring peppy
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