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Artist:Mago de Oz Circle Size:
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Title:La viuda de O'Brian HP Drain:
Star Difficulty:
Creator:Xanandra Accuracy:
Length:3:10 (2:43 drain)
Source: Genre:Rock (Spanish) BPM:174
Tags:cslm gero ilussia User Rating:
4 56
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5.7% (189 of 3339 plays)
Apr 10, 2017
Nov 8, 2017
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La Relajada: The Relaxed girl
La Modesta: The Modest girl
La Promedio: The Average girl
La Complicada: The Complicated girl
La Dura: The Tough girl, made by CSLM
La Intensa: The Intense girl, collab between Gero and myself

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It was an accident!
I swear!
Here's the link to the previous map: t/297691

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