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Spring Fanart Contest Results


Talent was apparently in season this year, with the results being the closest we've ever seen for a fanart contest - ever! Read on to catch a glimpse of the winners, or check out the winners yourself over at the contest listing.

Over thirty talented artists rose to the challenge and put forward their spring-themed works for the community to decide upon. The choices were agonizing this time around - so many incredible pieces, so few votes.

Without further ado, here's this contest's winners (and remember, you can click the thumbnails to go directly to the pictures without the cookie!):

With a whopping 815 votes, Evaine takes away first place!

A beautiful shot of pippi and the Taikonator enjoying a picnic beneath blooming sakura trees, Evaine's winning piece was alive with the colours and feeling of spring - from the floral accents thriving in the background, to pippi rendered in loving detail.

A well deserved victory. Congratulations on eight months supporter tag.

Coming in at second with 752 votes is suiseki's captivating piece.

Little more than a beautifully captured pippi before a blooming sakura tree, suiseki shows that less is sometimes much, much more. Five months supporter coming your way!

And in third place with 597 votes, Karkovb152's smiling yukata-pippi stole the hearts of the community..

Clad in traditional Japanese garb, pippi looks very much at home in Karkovb152's portrayal of her enjoying a stroll through a park of sakura trees. Really well done; Four months supporter tag inbound!

In fourth place by a hair with 567 votes, Sylux6's yukata-pippi came devilishly close to snatching away third place.

Sylux6 decided that certain bits of pippi would barely fit in a yukata - though not that anyone seemed to mind! A little bit ecchi, but definitely not to the detriment of the rest of the work, featuring some vibrant colouring and background blossoms to truly bring out pippi's natural assets in full.

Fifth place went to CelestKirin's enthralling vista of pippi enjoying a walk in the river, scoring 458 votes.

Making excellent use of the sunlit blues and greens of spring, CelestKirin decided to use the sakura motif in contrast with a beautiful blue-skied day, with pippi wading about in a sundress to cap it all off.

The much-loved Anny's inexplicably cute renditions of both pippi and Maria stole sixth place tidily with 376 votes.

Light was truly the centerpiece in Anny's submission, second only to the ridiculously cute pippi and Maria set to the final blossoms of a turning spring. Colour and texture you can feel.

pyun's back again with pippi and their own osu!taiko mascot enjoying the scenery and surroundings of a sakura forest in bloom, rounding out seventh place with 329 votes.

Crisp, clean colouring set to a beautiful pastel sakura-tinged forest is the name of the game in pyun's well-received work.

Familiar names abound as SkyDiverFox surges into eighth place from 304 votes, with a garland-wearing pippi set upon a dreamlike background.

Set perhaps in the scene of a spring dream, SkyDiverFox's entry walks us through a lightly-smiling pippi looking back through a vignette of spring foilage, splashed with some superbly muted colouring that only serves to enhance the captivating atmosphere.

tittu's striking pippi and friend below a fall of petals came in ninth place with 285 votes.

Bright and mysterious, tittu's piece resonated strongly enough with the community to come in 9th place. But who is this mysterious blonde beauty, I wonder?

And finally, [ Sinon ]'s striking portrayal of pippi and Maria in what appears to be chinese dress cements tenth place once and for all, with 250 votes.

Emerald and sapphire eyes alight with the promise of spring, [ Sinon ]'s striking work made the mascots the flowers in bloom, set to a floral backing of shedding sakura blossoms.

During public voting, we disappointingly had to disqualify three entries for plagarism, so if you aren't seeing one of the entries you voted for this is likely why. We urge future participants to only submit 100% original work in art contests.

Apart from that, this turned out to be a truly a superb contest. Every finalist listed here receives 2 months of osu!supporter for their fantastic efforts.

Thank you to all those who entered, and we hope to see you in a few months for the next seasonal fanart contest! Can you guess the theme?