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Monthly Beatmapping Contest #13 Results


MBC#13 judging is finally concluded, and we have a winner!

Set to the tune of our very own BilliumMoto's remixed rendition of the circles! theme, MBC#13 was all about weaving a full set of difficulties around something new. Thirteen brave mappers stood up to the challenge and put forward their work for a set of judges to view, and here are the results:

Coming in first place with a grand total of 37.8/50 score was RyoKazuka's entry (known to the judges as Wary Skunk). The judges all found his work to be of the highest calibre - scoring the highest in technical skill, creativity, impression and an absolutely dominating presence in overall difficulty curve.

You can play the winning entry here, in all its glory.

Following closely behind with 34.4 score was Fort's entry, claiming the highest flow and structure score seen in the contest, even greater than that of first place.

Pho's entry came close to snatching second place away with a tidy 33.4 score but ultimately ended up in third place, despite demonstrating flow and structure equivalent to that of first place.

RyoKazuka takes away the grand prize, including 6 months of osu!supporter, the highly-coveted Elite Mapper title, and we're sure to be seeing more of his work featured in the osu!weekly very shortly.

Thank you to everyone who entered. We noted a comparatively small amount of entries compared to other contests this time around - we chalked this up to the entries going up during the middle of the holiday season (poor timing on our part).

The Monthly Beatmapping Contests have already resumed post-Aspire, as we also move MBC prizes towards a more centralized Elite Mapper ranking system, which we'll be revealing more on as time passes.

Many thanks to our esteemed judges, namely Okorin, handsome, Gabe, Wafu and Natsu. These outstanding individuals essentially modded a dozen complete mapsets in under two weeks without skipping a beat from their other duties and responsibilities - no small feat for any one of them!