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osu!weekly #97


As we delve further into March madness, we edge closer and closer to the very serious month of April. What will we see in the final week of March, and what looms over the horizon in April?

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Table of Contents ---------------------- Weekly News
Around the community
Tournament Corner
Score Watch
Taiko World Cup

Weekly news

New season, new fan art contest, this time celebrating the wonderful season of Spring. The contest will run for approximately 3 weeks ending on the 11th of April. In this time, you’ll be tasked with designing a main menu background similar to the Christmas fan art contest,, just instead of snow and Christmas presents, we’ll be (hopefully) seeing sakura blossoms and picnic baskets. Or whatever else happens in Spring wherever you live!

The Aspire 2017 contest voting is in it’s final moments, as voting closes very soon! Not long left now, so if you haven’t voted yet, or seen the amazing entries that this contest has birthed, we highly recommend taking some time to go have a look at the creativity of some of the communities finest mappers!

Around the community

On the topic of Aspire 2017, pishifat recently released a video talking a bit about the history of the beatmapping contest. The video goes over how the Aspire contests started and how they evolved throughout each rendition. The video touches over some rather interesting points both good and bad and also has a look at what’s to come. Definitely worth a watch if you want some valuable perspective and history on what’s behind all the Aspire hype!

We also got to the see the very artistic side of r3venger, a talented video editor in the community. His most recent, and arguably most impressive work, looks at the history of osu! and how it’s evolved from both a development and communal aspect. The video was done in an 8-bit style with some amazing animations and a very creative mind. Definitely worth the watch.

Rounding up the video goodness this week, we also have another mapping bytes video released by our lovable ztrot. With episode 5 looking at compressed streams and episode 6 looking at sliderstream jumps, ztrot continues on expanding upon the stream theme, this time taking a look at variable streams and what makes them tick, as well as how to use them.

We recently mentioned the osu!mania mentorship program accepting mentor applications - but the mentors need people to teach! Blocko has released a list of the mentors that will be taking part in the program, so if you’re interested in learning how to mod osu!mania maps in general from any of these highly skilled tutors, now might be just the chance you’ve been looking for. Decide fast, applications close this weekend on the 25th!

The Ranking Charts have been around for a very long time, longer than most of you can remember. Over the years, the system has changed extensively as the game and community have developed.This month though marks the next big step in the the future of the program - Spotlights.This new feature looks to bring in a lot more substance and interest for both mappers and players to the program, with brand new prizes, medals and much much more. While some parts of the new system aren’t ready to be announced, you can read the initial changes over on the announcement page.

Tournament Corner

Doomsday’s Corgi Cup tournament is back for it’s 3rd edition. This friendly tournament is an inhouse tournament for Doomsday’s twitch subscribers (and a few close friends). The tournament will span over 7 weeks with the Qualifiers starting this weekend. The tournament will be streamed over on Doomsday twitch channel and will feature players from a wide range of skill levels. You can learn more about the Corgi Cup here or just head over to Twitch for an 8pm UTC start on Saturday.

Scorewatch: March week 4 (With Scorewatch Patrol)

Cookiezi still proves his absolute dominance in the osu! Standard scene by pulling off a crazy HDHR 97.07% FC on Kuroneko Dungeon - Ryoushi no Umi no Lindwurm on Vert’s Extreme, giving him 423pp and the only HDHR FC and only FC without score reducing mods. Simply mindblowing, then again, he is Cookiezi.

A certain USA top player by the name of kablaze recently returned to osu!. Of course, he decided to set some scores, which included this amazing ALiCE'S EMOTiON - Dark Flight Dreamer HDHR SS (not to mention, 52 freaking UR), to earn himself 485pp and the 4th spot on the map, also becoming the 4th player to HDHR SS this difficulty, together with Wilchq, Yaong and Bikko. Check it out!

-GN definitely came out top this week with his amazing 5 miss HD score on Camellia - Exit This Earth's Atomosphere mapped by rrtyui. His score sits comfortably at 2nd and also gave him 231pp. Check it out!

ExGon decided to take a swing at Fleshgod Apocalypse - The Deceit / The Violation and set a 99.91% 5 miss score, hitting a peak combo of 3892. Step aside Hypwer27 and Kyptoric, the 3rd no mod pass on this difficulty beats out both scores combined, with ExGon going past 600,000,000. Let’s hope this shocking score won’t bore you to death with 10 minutes of metal.

Deceitful became the 2nd osu!catch player to get an HDHR SS on Halozy - Genryuu Kaiko (the 1st being ExGon), gaining a massive 898pp and the 2nd spot on the map. The No. 1 Indonesian and Southeast Asian osu!catch player moved to 7th place with that score. Incredible stuff. “=


Azer passed this test with flying colors as he pulled off an impressive 99.85% HD FC on Hatsune Miku - Kouon Chu Oniki Test on captin1’s difficulty.

Musty has happily taken the 2nd place spot on ke-ji feat. Nanahira - Ange du Blanc Pur with an impressive 99.80% FC.

Rohulk boasts his incredible consistency with an amazing HDHR SS on Kano - Kimiiro Hanabi -album version- to give him 436pp.

TWC 2017 Week 2 Summary: Separation of the Brackets - with magnomizer

This week in the Round of 16, we were treated to 8 splendid matches between the 16 countries that remain in the tournament. While it was a shame that none of the matches were close enough for tiebreaker, the whole experience was intense nonetheless. Don’t worry if you’ve missed out though, as you can always watch the VODs here, or settle for a brief recap below:

Out of the 8 matches taking place on Sunday, half of them ended in 5-0 sweeps. From this, it is looking like Canada, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan will make it very far into the tournament, though nothing is ever certain in these things. The remaining matches were definitely more heated, and we are starting to see some teams fall behind as the mappool difficulty continues to ramp up.

The match between Germany and Malaysia certainly deserves mention. Against all expectations, Malaysia, something of the “dark horse” of the tournament managed to take the first point of the match against the top seeded Germany (granted, it was due to an untimely disconnection, but the point would still have been extremely close). Germany retaliated accordingly, evening up the score to 1-1. However to the surprise of everyone, the low seeded Malaysia stood strong, and took yet another point from their opponent. At this point, it was looking to be an extremely close match, but Germany found their footing and stormed through the rest of the match, resulting in a 5-2 victory. An impressive showing from Malaysia nonetheless - they are doing exceptionally well for a low seeded team, and they are a team to watch out for next week.

Two other matches worthy of note were Indonesia vs. Australia, and United States vs. France. The matchups were very close - both pairings were of roughly equal skill. After a fierce clash of swords (or lack thereof), Australia and United States were the teams that made it out on top, knocking Indonesia and France down to the loser’s bracket, where they will soon face against each other. Both teams will have to be well prepared if they want to remain in this tournament.

Next week in the winners bracket, we have a number of potential close and exciting matches. I predict Taiwan vs. Germany will be a very hard fought and close battle. Even more so for the match of United States vs. Australia. The remaining matchups look to be sweeps from Canada’s and Japan’s side, though having made it this far already, their opponents are clearly not to be underestimated.

The first match is scheduled to take place on Saturday 25 March, 18:00 UTC. This time, the stakes are raised even higher as half the teams are now at risk of being eliminated! With another 8 exciting matches to look forward to, be sure to drop by the osu!live twitch channel this weekend, as you certainly do not want to miss out!

But that’s all we have time for this week. If you have any suggestions for what you would like to see in the weekly (and have some spare time), feel free to drop by the osu!dev discord and directly highlight Nyquill or myself (deadbeat) in the #osu-weekly channel. Alternatively, you can also e-mail as usual at news@ppy.sh.

See you next week!