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osu!weekly #96


A new weekly, a slightly modified format! We have kind of already started rolling this out, but in the coming weeks we will be starting a new version of the standard osu!weekly formula. Looking out for cool new stories? Read on to get your fill!

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Table of Contents ---------------------- Weekly News
Around the community
Tournament Corner
Score Watch
Taiko World Cup

Weekly news

The aspiration of daring mappers burn with the intensity of a thousand suns in the latest Aspire Mapping Contest! For those of you who didn’t know already, the Aspire mapping contest is a chance for mappers to relieve the burdens of the ranking criteria and let loose their creative demons. With the entrants revealed and our wonderful judges already giving us their take on them, it is nigh time for your to also tell us what you think by voting for your favorites!

We seemed to have missed you for our regularly scheduled dev meeting! It looks like we’ve had a bit of a schedule shuffle in terms of when we hold them, so our public dev meeting will likely be held this month instead. We still have plenty of cool new things to show off to you guys over the course of the month, so stay tuned for more!

The osu!weekly will be trialing a new format starting… right now! With the incorporation of a more navigable weekly, we will be looking to aggressively promote content from everywhere around a community. We will also be trialing a new tournament feature program, where just about any moderately sized tournament can get a similar, albeit smaller, block on every weekly detailing the progress of their brackets and matches. If your tournament doesn't quite meet the size requirement, don't worry! Your data can be later used towards building a wiki page for your competition, so we'll keep it around! Interested in participating? Hit us up at news@ppy.sh with your interest as well as the tournament you’re hosting, and we’ll get back to you shortly with more details.

Around the community

This is one of the new blocks we’ll be testing out in the coming weeks, and will be something like a community sub box. The videos posted here contain the opinions of the creators and do not reflect the opinion of osu!, the osu!staff, or necessarily the osu!weekly, but we do think the videos and the people behind it are pretty darn cool. If you have videos that you think are “cool enough” to show up here, drop us a message at news@ppy.sh!

Pishifat uploaded a new video detailing the creation and evolution of what we know as the “ranking criteria”. It’s been a rocky road for beatmap moderation, and not all of it has been well known for the great majority of us. It’s a great watch, much like much of his other related content, so take a look and see how the game is combating an ever evolving landscape for creative output!

Eres EriA, better known for his player showcase videos, posted a video showing the top 25 Taiko Players of 2016 in Korea! If you’re interested in what kind of community centric content this guy has been putting out, be sure to check out his channel!

Eternity is a new music based channel that showcases neat songs and their corresponding maps in the game. This channel proves to be a good way to discover great listens while letting you know the fact that someone has already mapped it for your circle clicking enjoyment.

Tournament Corner

An interesting new “sightreading” tournament has popped up courtesy of our friend neonat!. Unfortunately for players, it seems like player registration is limited to Singaporeans only. However, since the format for this tournament is quite special, they will be looking for mappers to help fill in their map pool over the course of the next few weeks! If you’re interested in helping out, neonat has provided us with a link to his discord so you can drop right in to say hello!

Scorewatch: March week 3 (With Scorewatch Patrol)

Ekoro, currently participating in TWC 2017, is not just capable of whacking those drums. He pulled off a mindblowing EZFL 98.50% FC on 9mm Parabellum Bullet - Inferno on The Eclipse difficulty, giving him 385pp. Ekoro has been super capable in playing FL, and this score is nothing short of breathtaking.

Neliel pulled off a big one this week! He became the second ever person to FC BABYMETAL - Road of Resistance with 98.06%, earning him 578pp. This guy doesn’t seem like he’s stopping anytime soon. Absolutely insane.

Gayzmcgee just keeps on pulling the big scores! His DT 98.97% FC on Apocalyptica - Reign of Fear is the first ever, as he gained 437pp in the process. Watch it, you won’t regret it.

_yu68 is back at it again with the crazy scores in osu!taiko as he managed to HD 99.92% FC you - Hold Angel, gaining 491pp. 300BPM of rapid mashing will take a toll on your ears, so beware!

Seems like 9mm Parabellum Bullet - Inferno made its way to become an osu!catch pp map as _Asriel setted a crazy 99.79% HDHR play to gain 921pp. You can be the judge whether this should hold as much as it is.


Cookiezi took a shot at the newly ranked Remo Prototype[CV: Hanamori Yumiri] - Sendan Life as he pulled off an amazing 99.85% HDHR FC, gaining 668pp.

Toy probably fell flat tired after completing an exhausting HDHR 98.87% FC on Linkin Park - Living Things worth 436pp.

stu00608 went super crazy on SENTIVE - The end of a century as he slapped HD, SD, DT and FL on to get a 99.15% FC worth 537pp.

TWC 2017 Week 1 Summary:Group Stage- with magnomizer

While Group Stage may not traditionally be the most exciting of stages, a marked increase in mappool difficulty from last year coupled with the introduction of Score V2 has definitely stirred up some interest, attracting 1000+ viewers at peak over this weekend. We were right to be invested of course, and this Group Stage certainly did not disappoint, featuring some of the closest matches we’ve ever seen in osu!Taiko history.

With over 20 matches scheduled over the weekend, players and spectators alike were expecting a series of intense and exciting matches. But after what seemed like an endless slew of 4-0 victories in favour of the higher seeded team, expectations started to lower, and the atomosphere slowly turned stale.

Suddenly, this all changed when Indonesia stood its ground and took a point from the higher seeded Chile, evening the score to 1-1. Twitch chat immediately exploded with hype for a tiebreaker, and as if on cue, our prayers were answered when the points eventually ticked over to 3-3. Both teams performed incredibly on the tiebreaker, and the struggle could be felt as the score lead tilted precariously between both sides, but in the end, it was Indonesia that managed to come out on top.

Following yet another drought of 4-0 scores, we were subsequently rewarded with the hugely anticipated matchup between South Korea and France. Despite the latter putting up a good fight (including a point where the score difference was only 254), the points quickly racked up to 3-0 in favour of South Korea. However, in a stunning turn of events, France somehow found its footing, and battled its way up the steep incline, surprising everyone when they forced yet another tiebreaker. Unfortunately for them, the South Korean team held their ground, and France conceded the match point with a score difference of only 3148.

Other highlights include Malaysia, who managed to beat out Argentina in Group Stage, becoming the only Low Seed that makes it out to Ro16. Team Japan also reminded everyone of its dominating presence by landing a triple SS in their match against Poland, achieving a maximum of 3 million score - a flawless victory. Thankfully, Poland has also qualified for the Ro16 - perhaps there will be an opportunity to take their revenge? To conclude, many congratulations to the 16 teams that have fought hard to remain in this tournament, with special mentions to Malaysia and Indonesia for exceeding expectations. While no teams are at risk of going home yet, their performance next week will be of utmost importance, as it will significantly influence the way they progress through the tournament.

The first match is scheduled to take place on Sunday 19 March, 09:00 UTC. Be sure to drop by the osu!live twitch channel this weekend to show your support for the teams competing!

How’s that for a change of pace? Once again, there’s a bunch of new weekly based initiatives taking flight, so send us an e-mail at news@ppy.sh to get yourself known out there! If you prefer to catch me when I’m around online, I’m idling for the greater part of my waking day in the osu!dev discord. We’ll be right back at it next week folks, so don’t go anywhere!