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Character: Toyama Kasumi
Series: banG Dream
Colour/s: #F44336
Extras: Make it the new format
when you realize you forgot to do your homework and your teacher asks you to turn it in
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Rhythm Incarnate
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Sorry for not contributing so long ;-; Photoshop ripped in the lappy cause it got formatted
Though I plan to come back sometime

L o a d i n gS i g n a t u r e
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Heh, looks like the right time to post a comeback reply is now. It basically means I've returned to osu!, but with little confusion.

To clear that confusion, I'll assume a request and not straight up the marriage even though I did the new style...
On the note of the request, I've been glued to Deresute until Bandori (Garupa) and already done with that on the release of Kirara Fantasia (shortened to Kirafan), so this time truly divorcing Akagi Miria. It has been fun, but about time I focused on Arcaea and battling Kuromons with "Kiraras". (Kuromons are cute, though...)

Now the request to clear that confusion (and don't get surprised by the pick hence spoilerbox)
  • Character: Hanakoizumi Anne
  • Series or Artist: Anne Happy♪
  • Image: <careful insert Arab dancers here> (don't kill me for this)
  • Colour: Amber 500
  • Extra: No, thank you. No need.

If I still am considered one of the assistants, do tell me...
EDIT2: Orange 200 -> Amber 500
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And I'm back!
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