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Rhythm Incarnate
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think this is like couple room from o2jam,
anyway this is impossible to implement for me
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Cymbal Sounder
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You can connect another keyboard to respect the kb's antighosting and don't have problems playing. Also (maybe) the second player can put only a local nick for playing with the host.
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Beat Clicker
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Take all my 8 Stars <3

I really want this mod, one day I was playing video games with my friends and they asked if we could play osu mania 1vs1 but there is only a co-op mode and no vs mode =/
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Tempo Trainee
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Since the Coop Mod is already implemented i think that the 1 vs 1 could work as a VS Mod for Mania (and Taiko aswell).
The problem would be a second Score/%-Meter and the limits of your keyboard.
But i think that if it is implemented than just as a 1vs1 Mod with the possibilty to add your name at the end of each beatmap instead of Spiltscreen Online.
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