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By popular demand (aka the demand of one person) I'll create a thread on my trip

So on Thursday April 5, 2012 I was invited to go to the White House with a few other classmates for a special tour and a screening of "To Kill a Mocking Bird". Of course on the announcement I was ecstatic to have gotten an opportunity as go into the White House for the tour. The was only one problem: The dress code said to look "snappy casual".

....What in the world is snappy casual? Well...apparently no one I talked to knew, it took 3 hours of just research to figure out if what I was going to wear to the White House classified as "snappy casual". In the morning of the event I took the last few minutes to get ready for the even and hoped that everything would work out. I arrived at school where I was greeted by a few of my classmates as we got briefed of some of the events that we were to partake in during our White House trip. No information was disclosed other than that we were going to the White House. We walked down to take the subway there (in DC we call it the "Metro" 'cause we're cool like that).

We were all pretty excited as we walked through the first out of three security checkpoints. The Treasury was right next to us as we entered the gate looking as amazing as usual. We stopped here to make sure that everyone was together and then took some wonderful pics of us chilling in front of the treasury (Me and the 4 other seniors in this trip)

We entered the White House and saw the lovely White House Visitors Lobby. Of course our tour guide also had to be a member of the Secret Service (who was very knowledgeable of the White House). He gave us an entire tour of the White House (look at the link below for pictures of the White House journey). Afterwards we got a small little lunch (all the food was SO FANCY AAAARGH. I LOVE THAT WHITE HOUSE CHEF) where I talked to a few people including:

White House staff
Chair member of USA Networks
Random person!
Bishop of the United Methodist Church (apparently he oversees 600 churches in the area) <- wonderful man to talk to

sadly I wasn't able to find the CEO of Universal, Viacom, and USA Networks there so my networking was only slightly successful.

In the middle of lunch the Presidents dog decided to come by and say hi to us and HE WAS SO FLUFFY AND CUDDLY AND I WANT A DOG LIKE THAT. (Pics in the spoiler below to see the utter cuteness of the dog)

Finally we all went into the White House Theater to watch "To Kill a Mocking Bird" where, right before the movie started, we were greeted by none other than the President of the United States of America. Of course we were all shocked mostly because there was surprisingly no fanfare when he entered. No "Please welcome the President of the United States of America". He was greeted by shocks and gasps as he entered teh room and said this to us: "Yes it is me! I do live here you know". Such a wonderful icebreaker as he started to thanks us all for coming. It's definitely an experience to see the president with your own eyes. Sadly I wasn't able to greet him myself but it was still something to see him thank US for being in HIS HOUSE. It certainly isn't something I'm going to forget any time soon. Afterwards we watched the movie and decided to head home.

To me the day was a success, it was wonderful going into the house of the President let alone being able to see the guy up close. Anyway!~ Like I said, here are some pics of the event

The Treasury!~

The White House Library (:o so many books)

This is where the President preps before he does a press release

Where the President goes for fancy dinners!~


They say if you pull the handle all the White House toilets flush....I was really tempted to press it


White House food = Best food

White House Theater

President nonchalantly walks in

Thanking us for coming to watch the movie (and having an awesome smile)

Us leaving the White House and taking one more photo before dark~

Overall it was a great trip and I'm more than honored to have been selected for the trip

More photos: ... 1523302721

tl;dr: I went to the White House. It was cool.

Edit: And a few weeks later, here is a video

You guys know it's true.
it's so fucking true...
I can't handle how true that is.

/me drives truck over cliff.
I'm fine with JJ being the badass as long as I can be the lancer.
(Sidetracks count included)
Just awesome!!
Yep. It's true. JJ's pretty much more successful than all of us. But I'm proud! The little badass.
The guy's name is already synonymous with success. He's effectively as good as the president himself.
I'm surprised they let you take pictures so freely.
How common is it to have field trips to the White House?
Where are you in the last pic?

Shiirn wrote:

Where are you in the last pic?
Wife. You're a jerk. LOL
How does one become so awesome?
Soo jelly..
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Pokebis wrote:

I'm surprised they let you take pictures so freely.
How common is it to have field trips to the White House?
Field Trips provided by the school rarely happen (once every few years) however it is possible to get go and get a public tour. Now I have been in the White House twice before one in '04 for a public tour and one in '08 for a special private tour. The special private one was actually a ton of fun since we got to see a lot more of the White House (including the Oval office :D).

Also thanks everyone for the praise, I'll try not to let it get to my head ^^;
DJ Angel

dkun wrote:

Kanye West
They still offered public tours in '04? Thought they stopped after 9/11...

-A t H e N a- wrote:

How does one become so awesome?
You study hard
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