ITT, post beatmaps with download or installation errors [invalid]

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If a specific (ie. NOT ALL) beatmap will not download for you, will not install for you, or has errors in it, please post a link to its info page here so one of the higher-ups can fix it.

Certain old beatmaps have faulty entries in the database and need to be fixed one at a time by hand.

This thread is for ranked maps only. Problems in Pending maps should be directed to the map's thread, so the author can fix them.

The beatmap is inside a folder in the osz, which causes a weird sub-folder bug afaik.

Also, haven't checked this one, but Gwen Stefani - What You Waiting For? needed updating when I downloaded and that isn't supposed to happen.
These were posted before, but I'm at uni right now and can't check them.

Downloading yields a 0 byte mp3 with no .osu files. (peppy said that this one is fine, but could someone double check?)

awp check: seems fine

Downloading yields .osu files but a broken mp3. (if someone could post the .osz from the beatmap pack for this, it can be fixed)

awp check: confirmed broken; loading beatmap reports bad audio, attempting to play beatmap results in a crash b1211 - file downloads correctly, winrar reports error "The archive is corrupt"
Just noticed Jonathan Coulton - Mandelbrot Set has a unused .bmp file. Not a big thing, but I'm currently cleaning out my songs folder as much as I can. Just thought I should report it. :)

12012 - Cyclone has a unused 8mb video file in the osz.
Lee Jung Hyun - Welcome To My Style has a unused rar file in the osz.
Ali Tabatabaee & Matty Lewis - His World has three backgrounds in the osz, but only one is used.
hitomi - Go My Way has some... unused images in the osz.
Nobuo Uematsu - J-E-N-O-V-A has some hidden images inside the osz.
Fighting Jacks - Your Lurking Shadow: bmp file
V6 - Honey Beat The background is missing. Also, the difficulties need updating when you download.

(hell yes)

Kotoko - Sociometry: bmp file
Hitomi Yaida - Over the distance: unused wav files?

.osu's seem to be compressed weird, says 7-zip.

Only Easy is downloaded (which needs updating?) and audio is corrupt.

EDIT: Actually, audio is fine, but whatever. xp
[deleted user]

Error when trying to install these 3, haven't had a problem with any others.

Derekku Chan wrote:

Downloading yields a 0 byte mp3 with no .osu files. (peppy said that this one is fine, but could someone double check?)
I can't download this either

or The Pillows - All The Way To The Edge Of The World

Both yield an empty file (regardless of number of attempts)
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Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '[' in /var/www/pages/beatmap-get.php on line 78
Edit: peppy says fixed.
it says those files are corrupt when i try to extract them
also the entire beginners pack (1 and 2) they have no sound or anything it has been so for a long time and it doesn't matter how many times i redownload and install...
Edit: this one also is corrupt >:(
Edit2: also corrupt
edit3: this got extracted just fine, but when it moves to the right folder it doesn't work.
"This beatmap has not been uploaded correctly!"
liver blow
tutorial.osz is not working properly. The error was encountered when I tried to run the offset wizard.

Came to a 403 Forbidded page like 10times before i were able to download it.

MetalMario edit: Works for me
Not sure if this should be posted in this particular topic, but... seems to be downloading with an extra, unranked difficulty. :/

EDIT: Deleted, redownloaded, and now it's not there. Hmm...
Gens is downloading with an unranked (not even submitted...?) difficulty. =[

"This beatmap has not been uploaded correctly!"

Also it isn't in any packs, which I find a little odd..
please go to fix it :D

edit:I'm sorry :(
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