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Kihhou and Giralda's Modding Queue~!

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Status, # of NormalMod slots, # of Mod4Mod slots, and # of Guest Difficulty slots will be stated in our last post
link to my last post: (idk about Gira's self only queue hes on his own~ ;))
Rules! (Oh no! D:)

[Kihhou's Rules]
  1. Please respond to my mods with what was changed and why. I mod to learn about mapping and modding so some effort to write back should be put out from the mapper's side if I put an equal or larger amount of effort checking and writing for your map. Please do not post if you don't intend to follow this. I check all my mods for responses.
  2. standard only
  3. 1 map per post
  4. read my last post
  5. WIP accepted but only completed difficulties will be modded
  6. i might skip your map for a particular reason >.< sorry!
  7. for NM, max drain time: 3:00 (max drain time for approval maps: 7:00)
  8. for NM, map must be >140 BPM
  9. M4M have higher priority over NM
  10. for M4M, feel free to mod as many diffs as you'd like. I will mod back with an equal amount of total drain time
  11. for M4M, you can mod after you post but it has to be modded soon
  12. for M4M, ill mod yours after you mod mine
  13. for standard GD, the map must be going for ranked
  14. for standard GD, i might have to reject it for any reasonable cause
  15. for standard GD, i prefer to map Hard > Easy > Insane > Extra > Normal
  16. if i have a Bonus NM slot, it will have the same rules as a NM slot with an extra rule stated in the post

[Giralda's Rules]
  1. Only osu! Standard difficulties. No Taiko, Catch the Beat, or osu!mania.
  2. All osu! Standard difficulties are accepted. (Easy, Normal, Hard, Insane)
  3. Draining Time must not exceed 4:00.
  4. Must be in Pending, and completed.
  5. No Bubbled/Approval Maps.
  6. I only mod in English.
  7. Only 1 map per post, and must be your own map. Please use the Beatmap Listing URL when posting.
  8. Do not post the same map twice, or ask me for recheck.
  9. Mods are first come, first serve, but mutual friends requests and M4M maintain priority over Normal mods.
  10. If I don't like the song or map, I wont mod it.
  11. Always check my last post.
M4M Maps

Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas - Let Me Hear
  1. 184 BPM
  2. 4 diffs
  3. 1:26 drain

Highest Priority:

darknessangel cheesiest

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sorry i dont have any artwork :o

Hi! Would be glad if you could mod my map :) thanks~
hey, you timed my map a while ago; i'm still working on it but i'll be willing to do a mod4mod with yours once i'm done
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Topic Starter
NEW ROUND 2/2 NM & 1/1 M4M
Good luck with this. <3
Hi, for a NM.

Name : sssShawnnnn - Pizza Rolls (mashup)
Link :
SP : 10
No rank map yet.

Hope you'll like this music :)
Hey! Normal mod, please. ^^
Map: Kevin Sherwood & Elena Siegman - Pareidolia
Could the artwork be something I made a while back, when I was bored?
I'd really appreciate your help! :) Thanks in advance! :3

My map:

Thank you ^^
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Topic Starter
NEW ROUND 2/2 NM & 1/1 M4M
for NM ~

SP is 1, only 2 diffs with draining time 3:40.. ;w;

NM please :3

map ->

here you can check -> p/2979960
as you realize, the standard diff only have 2 mods, so standard diff sp is 2
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[Yue] wrote:

NM please :3

map ->

here you can check -> p/2979960
as you realize, the standard diff only have 2 mods, so standard diff sp is 2
Sorry. you dont satisfy the "no ranked maps" requirement >< It's because i most likely wont be able to make meaningful suggestions since im new to modding, so i cant make an exception.

0 NM and 0 M4M still open
Hey Kihhou :P M4M please!


Thanks, have a good day! (By the way, I'm new to modding as well.)

EDIT: Forgot to mention that the beatmap is still WIP, so can I get a coupon code to redeem another mod for my other difficulties when they become available? :|
Kamio Misuzu

NM ,Thanks a lot!Have fun~/w\
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Topic Starter
NEW ROUND~! 0/2 NM slots & 0/2 M4M slots OPEN
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