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Modding Queues

Modding Queues is a forum dedicated to beatmap review requests, or mods. It consists of forum threads, or queues belonging to different modders and mappers. Every queue has individual requirements and limits on obtaining the mods, which must be respected by visitors in order to receive a mod.

Each game mode has its own subforum for queues, with osu! taking up the main section of the forum:

Queue rounds

To keep their workload at an appropriate level, most modders only accept requests during short periods called rounds. Before the start of every round, the queue's owner posts a short announcement, which typically contains:

  • The number of maps that may be accepted in this round
  • Requirements specific to the current round
  • Whether the mods are regular (normal or NM), or "mod for mod" (M4M), where a mod in return is expected
  • Other information relevant to modding

Once enough requests are left in the thread, the modder will post a short message saying which beatmaps were accepted for modding. After that, the queue is said to be closed until the next round, while the owner mods the requested maps.