BanchoBot's player cardBanchoBot's player card

BanchoBot is a bot (i.e. a set of commands with automated responses) programmed by Echo49 that assists people in chat by displaying certain information and announcing game-related messages. BanchoBot is your host for the osu!chat server and has a profile named BanchoBot.

Using BanchoBot

To use BanchoBot, type /help into chat; any chat tab will do. After that, you will be given a list of available commands in your chat bar that only you can see. All commands are case insensitive. Below is a list of all of the commands and their effects:


Note: You must prefix all commands with a /! All effect listings are verbatim from the command list. Notes are shown in italics.

Standard Commands

For a table of standard commands, go to the Chat Console article.

/bb Commands

Inside of the BanchoBot tab, the prefix /bb is not required. All commands beginning with /bb open a new tab with BanchoBot if the tab is not already opened; otherwise they appear in BanchoBot's tab as if you typed them in there. All responses are received through BanchoBot's tab.

Command Argument(s) Effect Example Example Response
WHERE <user> Shows where the selected player is located in the real world. /bb WHERE Sudokyu "Sudokyu is in Japan"
STATS <user> Shows the status and stats of the selected player. /bb STATS ThomasTheTrain "Stats for ThomasTheTrain is Playing: Score: 20,255,242 (#918000) Plays: 160 (lv24) Accuracy: 97.42%
FAQ [lang:]<item> Shows information about the item. Use list as the argument to generate a list of available entries. /bb FAQ wiki /bb FAQ jp:wiki "The osu!wiki is currently moved to GitHub: ppy/osu-wiki osu!のWikiページ - さらに良いページにしていきましょう!
REPORT <user> <reason> Report someone for a reason /bb REPORT MikeSchmidt Works at Freddy Fazbear's "Chat moderators has been alerted. Thanks for your help."
REQUEST N/A Receive a random beatmap that had a mod request. The list doesn't update frequently, so it's possible to receive an already ranked beatmap. /bb REQUEST HoneyWorks - Tokyo Summer Session feat. CHiCO by MrSergio
ROLL [max] Roll a virtual max-sided die and receive a random result. If no argument is given, max is defaulted to 100. /bb ROLL 50 "<username> rolls 7 point(s)"