17.03.23 osu!weekly #97

As we delve further into March madness, we edge closer and closer to the very serious month of April. What will we see in the final week of March, and what looms over the horizon in April?

Spring’s drawing near for a lot of the world, and to celebrate, we’re holding another Fanart Contest!

The Ranking Charts has been since always a part of the osu! ecosystem, presenting the community the most noteworthy beatmaps each month where players compete for the top and mappers gain recognition for exceptional work on their beatmaps. However, after all the changes the charts have had to undergo in the past years, they will now encounter their biggest one yet!

17.03.17 osu!weekly #96

A new weekly, a slightly modified format! We have kind of already started rolling this out, but in the coming weeks we will be starting a new version of the standard osu!weekly formula. Looking out for cool new stories? Read on to get your fill!

Miss the presentation livestream? Fear not, we’ve got all the details you need to know to make your vote count in this year’s premier osu! beatmapping contest.

17.03.10 osu!weekly #95

2017 is starting to really show what it can offer us this year. We got a new featured artist, a new mapping contest and a brand new live drawing client for the World Cups. I wonder what else 2017 has to offer?

Descend into the evocative tunes of an uncertain future with the enigmatic sound of our latest Featured Artist, LukHash!

17.03.02 osu!weekly #94

The ceremonial war drums are about to be sounded to signal the beginning of our annual osu!taiko World Cup! There are hints of some big changes coming soon, and our weekly publication is here to help you stay in the know. Read on to get educated!

Another month rolls by, another contest to test your mettle on. Ever tried catching fruits for fun? How about arranging them for once?

17.02.22 osu!weekly #93

92 issues of osu!weekly on the wall. 92 issues of osu!weekly Draft one out, post it out. 93 issues of osu!weekly on the wall.

Earlier in January, the osu! community at large went to the polls for the first time since last year, coming together from far and wide to deliberate on which maps deserved to be named the “Best of 2016”. Now that you have spoken, the results are in!

The osu!mania 7K World Cup has reached a very decided conclusion! In the community, people are making a splash by coming up with their own ways to imrpove your osu! lifestyle. Missed out on the carnage? Read on!

Like video games? Like remixes? Like chiptunes? Ben Briggs, the newest osu!musician has you covered!

17.02.08 osu!weekly #91

January? Events. February? Events. 2017 is packed full of stuff and it’s barely even started! Buckle your pants people, it’s gonna be a busy year, but for now - here’s the weekly.

We’d like to welcome all of you to this year’s official osu!taiko World Cup. As in every year, the rules have been adjusted from the previous TWC, so please read them carefully before registering for this tournament.

17.02.01 osu!weekly #90

What better way is there to spend your cold winter nights than indoors playing high intensity adrenaline pumping rhythm games? Give your brain some power by catching up with everything happening from community mania tournaments to community based initiatives for recognizing the best. Read on to find out more!

Good luck, good health, good cheer. We wish you a happy new year!

17.01.26 osu!weekly #89

It’s the season of the best. The best of 2016 is live, players are voting for the best players of the year. Maybe after this, we should hold a best weekly of 2016. That only seems fair, doesn’t it?

The Best of 2016 voting is now here! After a long wait, the famous osu! tradition has been ported over to the new contest system and is waiting for your votes.

The Aspire beatmapping contest returns again to welcome in 2017 - with a new distinctive twist, and featuring the sound of one of our most-loved Featured Artists - Helblinde!