When a beatmapset is first submitted, it is placed in the Pending or Work in Progress beatmap section. These maps are referred to as "unranked". Unranked maps do not have a scoreboard and move to the Graveyard section after a 28 day period of inactivity. The beatmapset can be moved to the Ranked section after going through the beatmap ranking process. This process involves receiving nominations and reaching the Qualified section.


In order for a beatmapset to be eligible for a nomination, it must have at least 5 hypes. Hypes can be obtained by having other users hype your beatmap in the Discussion page of the map, or under the map's description. Once a beatmap has at least 5 hypes, a BN can nominate it if they feel it meets two conditions:

  1. The beatmapset meets the Ranking Criteria.
  2. The beatmapset meets overall quality standards that are not part of the Ranking Criteria.

Nomination Reset

Updating a nominated beatmapset will cause the nomination count to be reset. This means it will need to be nominated again. Alternatively, a nomination can be reset by another BN or QAT, if either the beatmapset does not follow one or more rules in the Ranking Criteria or the BN has issues with the quality of the map. If a beatmapset is reset due to quality standards not part of the Ranking Criteria, then it is called a veto. Vetoes are dealt with mediation by the QAT.

Note: In the case of a minor change to a nominated beatmapset, the BN can nominate the beatmapset again immediately, but in the case of a veto, a decision from the QAT needs to be made before the map is allowed to be nominated again.

Qualified and Ranked Sections

Once a beatmapset reaches two nominations, it will reach the Qualified section. While in the Qualified section, the map will gain a leaderboard, but will not award Performance Points. The reason two Beatmap Nominators are required to check a beatmapset is because human beings make mistakes, and this greatly reduces the likelihood of a map making it through the ranking system with a drastic error. If a beatmap gets qualified but an unrankable issue is found or improvements to the beatmap have been proposed and accepted, then the beatmapset will be disqualified by a QAT member. This resets the nominations on the map.

Once a map is in the Qualified section for around 7 days, it will be automatically moved to the Ranked section. If a map is disqualified, the 7 day timer is not reset, meaning if a map is disqualified after 4 days, once it is qualified again it will need 3 days before being moved to ranked. After the map has been moved to the Ranking Section, it will be there permanently and the map will award Performance Points.