How do I register?

Please note that having more than one account at any time is an infringement of the osu! rules. Follow the steps below to set up your osu! account.

  1. On the main webpage, click I'm new! to start the registration process. Registration button
  2. Fill out all fields in the form below and press Continue
    Account fields
    1. Username
      • Maximum of 15 characters
      • Alphanumeric characters (a-z, A-Z, 0-9), underscores (_), squared brackets, ([ and ]), dashes (-), and spaces () are the only characters allowed.
    2. E-mail Address
    3. Password
    4. Note
    5. Continue
  3. Log in to osu! and the process is finished. You have successfully registered an osu! account!

Logging In to osu!

osu! executable


This executable (which should be named osu!.exe) will open the game itself. If updates are required, they will be applied automatically. Note: You do not need to open osu! as an administrator. If the game requires it, it will prompt for it itself.

Options panel

See also: Options


If this is your first time starting osu!, you will see this on the left side of your game's screen. Enter your username and password to their respective fields and log in.

User panel


Once you have entered your username and password correctly, you will see your user panel at the top left of your screen. You are now logged into osu! and ready to play! You will also see your user panel on the bottom of your song selection screen, to the right of your Selection Options button.

What's next?

You are ready to start your rhythm adventure, so proceed to the welcome page and start playing! Do not forget to read the rules very carefully!

If you need in-game assistance, ask the #help channel on IRC or post your problem to the forums.

To join #help, press F8 and type /join #help. You can also click the Channelopenbutton yellow button on the right of your open channels, scroll down to #help, and click it to join the channel.

When in doubt, always remember that:

rhythm is just a click away!