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Project Loved

Project Loved is the voting platform that promotes beatmaps to the Loved category. It is run primarily by the Project Loved Team.

Moving a beatmap to Loved

Beatmaps are moved to Loved by a nomination and voting process.

Members of the Project Loved Team called captains regularly nominate beatmapsets for a specific game mode. Almost always, these sets come from submissions from the osu! community. The current Loved submission forms and listings can be found via the following links:

Note: If your access to Google Forms is restricted, you may also contact any of the Project Loved Team members to have a map submitted on your behalf.

Nominated mapsets are then posted to the Project Loved forum, where community members may vote whether they want the mapset to be Loved or not. Maps reaching a specified threshold percentage of "Yes" votes at their polls' end time will be moved to the Loved category.


There are some very minimal criteria that need to be met for beatmaps to be nominated for Loved. Captains consider a beatmapset eligible for the Loved category if:

  • It is not in the Qualified, Ranked or Approved categories
  • Its creator does not disapprove of it being Loved
  • Its creator is neither banned nor restricted
  • At least one difficulty can be passed
  • It has at least 30 favourites (only applies to osu!standard maps)

However, despite nearly all Pending and Work-in-progress maps meeting these criteria, few are voted into the Loved category due to the more selective nomination and voting requirements.

Beatmaps entering the Loved category are required to follow some additional rule sets:

Any problems with these rules are usually sorted out while the map is up for voting.

Nomination priority

There are no strict rules governing which maps a captain must nominate for Loved, but generally the nominated maps are very well known and appreciated by the community (as the title "Loved" implies). Sometimes a mapset will also be preferred if it is significantly older than others or contains beatmaps with unique and high-quality mapping styles.

Further information

All of the organisation and planning for Project Loved is done in the #osu-loved channel of the osu!dev Discord server. There is also a #project-loved channel in the osu! Community Discord server. Any questions, concerns, or suggestions may be directed there.