Support Team

The Support Team (also known as Support Team Redux, not to be confused with the account support team, also known as the "Support Team") are members of the osu! staff whom are focused at forum moderation on several subforums: Development, Gameplay & Rankings (excluding Tournaments and Mapping Techniques), Skinning, Feature Requests, and Help.


The Support Team is responsible on:

  1. Testing and/or confirming bug reports to let the developers know and for them to resolve.
  2. Organizing threads at Feature Requests and Help, marking them as Resolved, Confirmed, Invalid, Duplicate and/or Added.

If someone needs any assistance on the said subforums, they can be first approached.

Team Members

Every Support Team member speaks English unless specified otherwise. Link to user group page.

Name Languages
Ezoda German
Nathanael Filipino
Saten Swedish, Spanish
Tom94 German
Trosk- Spanish
VeilStar Dutch