wiki Guides / Getting Your Map Modded

In order for your map to become ranked, it must get modded. There are multiple ways to accomplish this task.


#modreqs is a channel in osu! chat where players can request help (modding) with their maps by linking them with the /np command. Some modders and even Beatmap Nomination Group members may be on the lookout for good maps being linked in this channel.

Bancho keeps track of the 20 most recent requests and allows potential modders to find them in a number of ways:

  • Typing the !request command into chat will make BanchoBot PM you a random map link.
  • Typing the !request list command into chat will make BanchoBot PM you a list of the 5 most recent requests plus a link to more.
  • Visiting a special map listing on the main site will list the 20 most recent requests plus a few extras.

If you post more than two map links in a short period of time, Bancho will ignore them.

It's not the most effective method, but it doesn't hurt to try (just don't count on it).

Modding Queues

The Modding Queues section of the forum contains Modding Queues (hard to comprehend, we know). Modding Queues are places where you post maps, and the creator of the thread may eventually mod them. Each thread has specific rules, so follow the thread's rules to get your map modded.

Asking Other Users for a Mod4Mod

A mod4mod, or M4M for short, is where you mod somebody else's map if they mod yours. This is a very effective method of getting mods. It's particularly useful if you combine it with #modreqs; if somebody posts a mod request there, simply ask them if they're willing to do a mod4mod. Often they'll say "yes." It takes effort, but is well worth the mod you receive and the experience you gain from modding someone else's map.

Directly Asking Other Users

Directly asking other users is a great way to get mods, too, if you ask the right ones. Look for a normal user with a lot of kudosu and no modding queue; often they'll accept your request if they're not busy. Also, directly asking BNs is almost a necessity to getting your map ranked. Here are some tips:

  • If somebody's signature or user page says, "I don't take requests", then don't ask them if they aren't your friend.
  • Start up a regular conversation, and just casually slide the request in. This is much more effective than straight-out asking.
  • Don't be a jerk on the forums or in chat. If people don't like you, then they aren't going to be willing to mod your map. Who wants to help out somebody they don't like?

Good luck in getting your map modded and ranked!