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The Beatmap Nominators, commonly abbreviated as BN, is a group in charge of beatmap nomination. As of 2014-08-22, they are no longer a part of the staff, revoking their chat moderation in-game, red name in-game, and on the forums. As of 2015-02-01, the team was changed from the Beatmap Appreciation Team to the Beatmap Nominators. Currently, they have a purple name on the forums.

Roles and Responsibilities

Members of the Beatmap Nominators are responsible primarily for modding the pending beatmaps into the ranking cycle. Beatmap Nominators are the people to go to for advice or requests about anything mapping or modding related.

Becoming a Beatmap Nominator

With the change to the team in August 2014, joining the Beatmap Nominators became a lot easier than it used to be in the past. The Quality Assurance Team will post an announcement for Beatmap Nominator Sign-ups to the Pending Beatmaps Subforum in irregular intervals of approximately one to two months.

Basic Criteria

Modders that aim to apply to the Beatmap Nominators must fulfil the following criteria:

  • They have been modding beatmaps actively for at least 3 months prior to the announcement.
  • They have accumulated at least 50 Kudosu in total.
  • They provide 2 to 4 of their mods which they think qualify them to be a part of the Beatmap Nominators.

What Qualifies as a Mod Post

  • Upon signing up you will be asked to provide the total amount of Kudosu as well as the amount of mod posts within the last 3 months, sorted by month upon signing up. So if the announcement is posted in April, the mod posts for January, February, and March will be relevant. The relevant months will also be listed on the submission form.
  • A mod post qualifies as one if it has received a Kudosu and has been created within the time span listed on the submission form.
  • Since November 2017, beatmaps affected under Modding V2 had a reward system implemented based on upvotes/downvotes. The "mod post" equivalent in this case is a beatmap discussion, in which at least one suggestion/problem got awarded with an upvote.
  • The gamemode (osu!, osu!mania, osu!catch, osu!taiko) that you modded beatmaps in does not matter as your activity in the modding community as a whole is being measured and not the activity in a certain game mode.
  • The point in time at which the Kudosu has been awarded to you mod post does not matter. The only relevant information about a mod post is its post date and time in UTC+0 as well as the fact that it has been awarded Kudosu.

How the Required Minimum Score is Calculated

  • This depends on the total Kudosu Score and the total Mod Score an applicant achieved over the last months. A mathematical formula is used to determine these values.
  • Kudosu Score is determined according to the following formula:

Kudosu Score FormulaKudosu Score Formula

  • Mod Score per month is determined according to the following formula:

Mod Score FormulaMod Score Formula

  • This online tool can be used to calculate mod score.
  • In order to determine their Required Minimum Score, an applicant needs to summarise their Kudosu Score and their Mod Score for month one, two and three.
  • The overall minimum threshold is set to the following values:
    • osu!taiko, osu!catch and osu!mania: 1050
    • osu!: 1100
  • It is usually a good idea to keep your score above these numbers, as they can vary slightly depending on the number of applicants.

How new potential Beatmap Nominators are chosen

  • The Mod Score and Kudosu Score of all applications will be doublechecked to confirm if they reached the Required Minimum Score.
  • Modders that acquired enough score will be evaluated by the corresponding QAT members of the game mode they applied for, taking into account the following criteria:
    • General attitude: Tone of delivery of the mods and other behavioural expectations from the Code of Conduct, as well as general behaviour in chat/forums.
    • Modding abilities: Knowledge of the general Ranking Criteria and specific criteria of each game mode. Additional abilities like Metadata, Timing, and some others will also be taken into consideration.
  • After evaluating each modder, a discussion will be made on whether the modder will join the Beatmap Nominators.

Quality Assurance Helpers

The Quality Assurance Helpers are volunteers inside of the Beatmap Nominators who assist the Quality Assurance Team at checking every single qualified beatmap for issues. They do so by reporting maps on the Report a Qualified beatmap here! thread.

Quality Assurance Helpers are free to choose whatever maps they like to check as long as they check at least four qualified maps per month. If they are not able to fulfill these activity standards, they will be removed and can only rejoin after a cooldown of one month. Beatmap Nominators who are not on their probationary period or in the cooldown period mentioned above may join the Quality Assurance Helpers at any time.

Team Members

The tables listed below indicate the game mode(s) in which each Beatmap Nominator is formally qualified to nominate.

Please note: All BN speak English unless otherwise noted. Link to the user group page.


Name Additional Languages
Andrea Italian
bossandy Chinese
BOUYAAA French, some German
DeRandom Otaku Urdu
Electoz Thai
Garden Chinese
Gero Spanish
Gottagof4st Dutch
IceKalt German
iYiyo Spanish, some German
jonathanlfj Chinese, some French
Kalibe Polish
Kuron-kun Portuguese
MaridiuS Serbian
Mirash Russian
Mordred German
Namki Estonian, Russian
Nao Tomori French
Natsu Spanish
neonat Chinese
Net0 Portuguese
Nozhomi French
Okoratu German
pimpG Portuguese
Realazy French
Regraz Chinese
riffy Russian
Seto Kousuke Portuguese
smallboat Chinese
Sonnyc Korean
TheKingHenry Finnish
timemon Thai
Trynna Portuguese
Ultima Fox
Wishkey Dutch, German
Yauxo German


Name Additional Languages
Faputa Cantonese, Chinese
neonat Chinese
Nepuri German
Okoratu German
qoot8123 Chinese
Stefan German
Surono Indonesian
tasuke912 Japanese
Volta Indonesian
Yales French


Name Additional Languages
alienflybot Cantonese, Chinese
Benny- Norwegian
Electoz Thai
JeirYagtama Filipino
Nokashi Greek
Yumeno Himiko Chinese


Name Additional Languages
_Stan Chinese
Critical_Star Chinese
DoNotMess Indonesian
Kawawa Korean
Rivals_7 Indonesian
Sandalphon Chinese
Tofu1222 Chinese