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The difficulty of a beatmap describes the level of skill needed to complete it.

Star rating

Star rating rangesStar rating ranges

From the Ranking Criteria, a star rating of:

  • 1.50 stars and below is Easy Easy icon
  • 1.51 - 2.25 stars is Normal Normal icon
  • 2.26 - 3.75 stars is Hard Hard icon
  • 3.76 - 5.25 stars is Insane Insane icon
  • 5.26 - 6.75 stars is Expert Expert icon
  • 6.76 stars and above is Expert+ Expert+ icon

Web icons

The star rating ranges determines which web icon is going to be used on any given beatmap. Following the icon ranges would usually give you a good estimate to achieve a balanced difficulty spread. There are some guidelines (see the Mapset section of the Ranking Criteria) you can follow to improve the difficulty spread of your beatmapset.

Difficulty levels

Main page: Difficulty Naming




  • Cup icon Cup
  • Salad icon Salad
  • Platter icon Platter
  • Rain icon Rain
  • Overdose icon Overdose


  • EZ icon EZ
  • NM icon NM
  • HD icon HD
  • MX icon MX
  • SC icon SC