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This is the first installment of the osu!std Speed Cup (OSC), a tournament that focuses exclusively on maps that test Raw Speed, Speed Aim, Stamina and Finger Control.

Teams are required to have a MINIMUM of 3 players and a MAXIMUM of 6 on their roster.

All players are required to be in the tournament Discord server. If this is a problem or cannot be accomplished, please contact tournament staff. Captains must be in the Discord server for notification, rescheduling, and information purposes.

You can sign your team up in the #team-registration channel of the discord. The required format will be set as a pinned message in the channel.

As of 1/12/19 we have 19 teams signed up. We plan on closing registration at 24 teams to allow for an organized bracket. Signups closed. In order to be competitive, teams are required to have a minimum average of 2000 speed PP (according to PP+) based on their top 3 players.

Matches are osu!Std, 3v3 team vs, played with Score v2.

Each team Captain will roll, the winner receiving first pick and ban. Example: Team 1 wins the roll. Team 1 bans -> Team 2 bans -> Team 1 picks. Ban number may be subject to change in later stages of the tournament.

All match schedules will be announced around 4 days (along with the mappool) before the match date. Matches will be scheduled starting Saturday at 10:00 UTC and ending Sunday at 24:00 UTC. All participating members of a team are expected to be on time. You must have at least 3 members of your team in the lobby at the time of your match. Late teams will have a 10 minute grace period before forfeiting the match.

If you need to reschedule, you are welcome to do so. Captains must agree on a time and report to tournament staff. Matches may not be rescheduled past Sunday at 24:00 UTC unless a specific exception has to be made.

Captains have 120 seconds to pick their map and 120 seconds to make any roster changes and ready up.

If a player disconnects relatively early during a map, the referee will abort and the map will be replayed. If a player disconnects later in the map, it is at the referee's discretion to decide if the map will be replayed or not. Players are expected to continue playing even if they notice a teammate disconnect.

Failed scores will count unless a player has not revived by the end of the map.

If a player decides to stream, they will bear responsibility if the password is leaked.

Week 1 will be played as a Best of 7.
Week 2 will be played as a Best of 9.

Week 1 mappool
Week 2 mappool
Week 3 mappool
Grand Finals

Bracket mappools are to-be-decided and will be announced accordingly.

Double time picks vary in intensity of skill target. Please do not be discouraged at this, as it is a SPEED tournament.

The bracket will begin February 2. Challonge

Teams will receive seed placement based off of the average PP+ speed pp of their 3 top players. Teams will be seeded into a double-elimination bracket where the top 8 seeded teams will play the winner of 2 lower seeded teams. Any team that loses twice will be eliminated.

Week 1 matches will be announced the weekend of Saturday January 26.

First Place:
€50 per Player

Second Place:
8 months supporter per player

Third Place:
4 month supporter per player

We are currently in need of more referees. If you are interested in helping out, please join the Discord server and contact a staff member.
Ricardo Pwang
nice post bog very cool and awesome
no friends very sad
teach me how to fast and i'll sign up bro

dong wrote:

teach me how to fast and i'll sign up bro
click x go
looking for a team
join or die instantly
ok bog mode
shoe lace
thank u bog
thanks bog, very cool!
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Champs de ble
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