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My Hero Academia Theme Skin


It's a Beautiful Skin,
Fastfading Hitccircles.
It's Selfmade, Sounds and music are from the anime.
Enjoy the skin and leave a comment what u think.
It`s 16mb big.

If you have any feedback/suggestions please feel free to post


Is this your first skin? If yes good try. But as most of first ones, this skin comes with many problems.
First of all the main problem is proportions and positioning. Most borders seem to have a weird outline to it. As a cause it can have many reasons, for example the resolution got badly executed due to resizing and filesharing.
In positioning the ranking panel is a perfect example for it: Rankings Numbers and more are offcentered. + the whole thing looks pretty empty. As a solution you could take a template for your skin that has the correct size and that didnt get resized for its originality. Another striking mistake in proportion is the hitcircle and its hole in the middle.
As for aesthetics your skin has a lot of good features but in some parts the text is not visible due to its thin border and the opacity of the background (e.g. song selection screen). In generall try to use visible colors without that much fancy mixes in colorbrightness even tho in some situations it can be beneficial. Just take your time. Always remember 80% of the game has a black background. Use a black backgound in the editing software it can help.
btw. your spinner is not yours and can easily replaced. Only 100% original made skins are allowed here. For more information check out the rules.

but nice try to far.
all in all a pretty good skin my only problems are the break sounds, both of them are quite loud and obnoxious. You can tell they're ripped from the anime because of a lot of background noise, otherwise its a good skin! keep it up.
Gameplay is smooth but as logansd13 said the voice over when you miss a note is a bit loud other than that I think it's great.
Personally i have nothing against this skin at all, in fact i really love it so great job! <3
i love how clean the skin is and how the images are edited so *o*
however as i was playing, i realized there was an issue with the hitcircles when the numbers would go into the double-digits (like there would be two hitcircles all of a sudden?)
but other than that, the skin is great. kudos!
I love how when you miss Bakugou would start screaming ^^
This skin have any bugs and problems and because of this i can't use this skin :/
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