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Community Mentorship Program
Mapping Puzzles

Hello everyone!

We are already at the third cycle of the osu!standard mentorship program and our mentors thought well of organizing yet another activity.
This time for the entire community, not just the mentees in the Discord server.


  1. The core concept is to merge modding with mapping (many mentees show interest in modding but we can't really teach that so here we go)
  2. The mentee (or whoever wants to try this) will be presented with a map, usually of 1-2 minutes length, containing some gaps
  3. The objective of this exercise is to fill in the gaps appropriately after you analyzed the mapped parts and understood their concepts (which you have to apply)
  4. Sometimes you will encounter some bigger gaps than usual. These will usually pop up towards the end of the map.
    In these cases you are allowed to edit one object connecting to the gap (say, the first circle after the gap or the last slider before the gap starts)
  5. Each map will try to focus on some particular aspect of mapping. You will usually find a README.txt file inside the folder with additional information
  6. In most cases you will also get one possible solution for the puzzle, but there is no defined "correct" answer
  7. The same map can be re-used for more than one session, thanks to the fact there is no defined solution (handy, huh?)
  8. You might want to ask for feedback from the creator of the puzzle in case your solution differs quite a lot from the answer provided (which I suggest)

Puzzle List - Standard

  1. Yuuhei Catharsis - KanColle Compilation by -Mo-

    • LEVEL: Marathon
      DIFFICULTY: Normal
      FOCUS: Lyrics emphasis

      Description: the puzzle tends to focus on prioritizing lyrics. The difficulty level of the map is around the high-level Insane area (4.7-5.1*).
  1. Marika - quantum jump by Kibbleru

    • LEVEL: Insane
      DIFFICULTY: Normal
      FOCUS: Patterning

      Description: this puzzle wants the mapper to be able to pick up certain parts of the map which the creator deemed as important
  1. MYTH & ROID - L.L.L. by guineaQ

    • LEVEL: Hard
      DIFFICULTY: Normal
      FOCUS: High SV

      Description: as you will notice, the diff presents quite a fast base SV due to the fast BPM of the song. Without saying, managing the SV is the challenge of this puzzle.
  1. rerulili - Noushou Sakuretsu Gaaru (TENKOMORI's REMIX) by guineaQ

    • LEVEL: Extra
      DIFFICULTY: Hard
      FOCUS: low BPM streams

  1. kors k&REDALiCE - S2TBTANO*C Anthem feat.Yukacco by MrSergio

    • LEVEL: Insane
      DIFFICULTY: Normal-Hard
      FOCUS: Structure

      Description: Even if the main focus is on structure as a whole, this puzzle also challenges you with specific flow usage and in part with SV changes in the first half. The gaps will not have any timing sections set, so you will have to add them yourself.
  1. HoneyWorks feat. Sana - Akatsuki Zukuyo by MrSergio

    • LEVEL: Hard [NC Puzzle]
      DIFFICULTY: Easy
      FOCUS: NC placement

      Description: As the title implies, this puzzle is simply focused on NC placement and how musical stanzas work.
      It is suggested to do this exercise after the mapping puzzle in this set. Although easier, this exercise gives you the full answer to the mapping puzzle, be careful :p
    • LEVEL: Hard [Mapping Puzzle]
      DIFFICULTY: Normal
      FOCUS: Patterning

      Description: This puzzle offers some practice on lower diff structures, more precisely on patterns.
      You will have to simplify the rhythm of the song while keeping an eye on your combos as a whole (as a pattern)
  1. Icon for hire - Make A Move by Rohit6

    • LEVEL: Insane
      DIFFICULTY: Easy-Normal
      FOCUS: Consistency

      Description: the principal aim of this puzzle is to maintain consistent rhythm and flow while mapping according to the song intensity.
      In addition, you should try to figure out the recurring visual scheme and use it appropriately wherever possible.

Puzzle List - osu!catch

  1. Zankyou wa Nariyamazu - senya by Absolute Zero

    LEVEL: Easy-Normal
    SPREAD: Cup-Platter
    ERROR COUNT: 3/0
    CYCLE: 4
    MODE(S): osu!catch

    Description: Relatively slow TV-size song. Wouldn't say there's anything particularly out of the ordinary that can't be justified through the ranking criteria, and most of the issues should be easy to find. All unrankables.

  2. Vortex - F-777 by Absolute Zero

    LEVEL: Normal
    SPREAD: Cup-Rain
    ERROR COUNT: 3/3
    CYCLE: 5
    MODE(S): osu!catch

    Description: Very fast and high energy song, which pulls it up a notch. This map pulls more into having mentees utilize playing and timeline skills, as opposed to before, where most issues could be pointed out just with a bit of playtesting. Has specific subjective issues as well--although this is up to interpretation there are still some things that will play a bit strangely. Additionally, none of the difficulties are on the same part of the puzzle and all have unique sections--making it harder to "compare" between difficulties.

  3. Sayuri - Tsuki To Hanataba by Kin (set owner), Absolute Zero, UndeadCapulet, and bor

    LEVEL: Easy-Normal
    SPREAD: Easy-Extra, Cup-Rain, Futsuu-Oni
    ERROR COUNT: 3/3 or 3/2
    CYCLE: 8
    MODE(S): osu!, osu!taiko, osu!catch

    Description: The song is a simple TV-size, but there is more to look for as the subjective issues become more stylistic. The whole difficulty is mapped, in this case, but shouldn't be too challenging to either play or analyze.

If you are interested in making a puzzle too feel free to contact me and I will give you more details!
I will be updating whenever possible this list, so check it every once in a while to see the new additions.
Ah, if maybe you'd like to see a certain aspect as focus of one of these puzzles let us know.
Although we can't ensure you we'll be able to make one we'll at least try.
This might be a bit crazy of a request, but I think there should be a puzzle where the participant must find some concept being used in the map and correctly introduce it. I got the idea from a lot of people hyping over that one pishifat video about introducing 1/4. Though it doesnt have to be quite that. I think it would be very useful if people moved past whether or not some idea has been introduced, and figured out how to introduce the idea
added some new puzzles for ctb to the main post
use new website if the post looks broken on the old one
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