[Guide] Specific distance snapping for blanket angles

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Specific distance snapping for blanket angles

When forming a slider blanket, normally it forms a blanket angle which is between the slider head, circle that gets a blanket, and the slider tail. And you would also have a consistent distance snapping. As long as you use the same distance snapping through out the map, the blanket angle is all the same whenever you create a blanket slider. This post tells you the "exact" distance snapping value per each blanket angle.

The distance snapping is based on 1/2 rhythm, and the slider that blankets the note is based on 1/1 length.

Note that the distance snapping value is unconditional, since they are proportianal to BPM, and SV.
I personally enjoy 30 degree patterns, so most of my maps are having a 0.75x spacing haha
The moral of this post is that there is an appropriate distance snapping value along with what pattern you are mostly using on your map. Or you can decide what pattern to map after you decide your distance snapping.
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