osuIdol 2 [Round 2 in Progress!]

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Man, I have the perfect song for this theme. Oh well, good luck to the rest of the contestants.

Jarby wrote:

EvianBubble wrote:

Theme = WTF D<
Might have to do some searching for this LOL :P
This, this, and this. Unless you thought that the theme meant that you had to find a song from 1010 or earlier, but that would just be ridiculous.

Just sing something from The Beatles or Queen if you really can't find anything.
Double post what
Go Go Lanttu! :D Really good singing and clear pronouncing of japanese.
Also good luck to everyone else participating this :)
Lol you guys, what I meant was "most of the music I listen to is publisehd 20xx, and I don't know that many songs from 19xx" ... I guess my post was kind of vague but I have no idea how you interpreted it XD
Anyway I found some good songs but my voice range is so small lol D;
Sleep Powder
EDIT: oh nvm...I got it

Before 2000 right?

I'm pretty satisfied with my score...even though I almost got eliminated.
I was really inconsistent with my singing. My consistency was the biggest issue that there was.
I thought I had a decent voice and performed decently. Next time I'll probably do better since now
I have more time to practice and perform smoother than my last.
My two cents:

I find it strange that so many people's results have such strikingly polar opposite ratings from the judges. To be frank, I think there needs to be more strict guidelines on what to look for in a person's singing that defines it as unacceptable, awful, bad, okay, good, and flawless (in respects to rankings of 0-2-4-6-8-10). I don't think I would give anyone a 10 unless they were absolutely great and you have no flaws to point out. I find it even more strange to give multiple people rankings of 10. Are you saying that you wouldn't say that a certain 10-ranked singer sang their entry better or worse than another 10-ranker?

All in all, I agree most with Ephemeral's ratings (not to single you out or anything, Eph). I find that they adhere best to the guidelines with no bias involved or anything else that might affect a score.
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@ Nekoroll

I agree with Ephemeral's ratings too. They felt like the most trustworthy of scores. Most of the scores (not just 10's) made it seem like everyone else wasn't taking the scoring very seriously. 10's should rarely be given unless it really was a flawless performance.

why was I here again...oh yea~

Ekaru's singing reminds me sooo much of Barney and Friends lol
The quantity of each rank given by each judge:

I sort of see a problem with this.
WOO the results are up! This is awesome! I got in! :)

And the theme is pretty easy to find a song for too... :D

@ Nekoroll: Yes, I think there's way too much variety from the panel and there need to be clearer parameters for the grades...

I mean I got a 3 ... I don't think I was that bad, and I think animask should have been higher and a few other people too (I can give examples when I finish listening to these lol) :(

Edit: Ahhh I've listened to at least half of them and the judges are EVERYWHERE. It's like there's 1 or 2 judges on each person who voted completely differently...

In later rounds of Osu idol they usually provide commentary so we can see why they voted why they did, right? Because right now there's a lot of mixed reactions... :lol:
The judges are wildly varied, but we don't know if any of them actually know anything about music or not, so it's hard to judge their judgments.
Voting for Mogsworth to be a judge. :V lol
Sleep Powder

Nekoroll wrote:

Voting for Mogsworth to be a judge. :V lol
He could be like Simon from American Idol~
I thought ranking them from best to worst on a per judge basis was a better idea. Oh well.
Mogsy SHOULD be a judge because he actually knows music stuff.
herp done derp
lol@Theme :lol:
Wow music before 2000.
I'd know many songs to sing before 2000's cause it's music I listen to lot, but I'm not singing cause I can't hit high notes at all anymore so I leave it to you who can do it.
I thought of suggesting some songs to sing to help people choosing their songs, but I guess we aren't allowed to suggest songs to contestants so I'm not doing it.
So what I'm gonna do now is to repeat myself and wish you guys good luck once again :D
I agree that the "mario kart grand-prix" style grading of season 1 was better than this iteration.

If this turns into a series of competitions after this one (which I hope it does), I think a screening for the judges needs to be required. Ask them what their music background is, how knowledgeable they are, and so forth. The competition should be open to anyone, but judging should be left to those who have a definite understanding of music performance.

I'm not questioning the current judges yet, since we've only done one round, just stating my opinion that if this continues into subsequent seasons, we need to have qualified people doing the judging.
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