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You think it would be obvious. It isn't.

So, I decided to make a topic on how to mod, of all things. It is very simple. However, I shall detail the process in a way that even the beginner play should be able to understand. This is so people have no excuses when it comes to whining about BATs, and can assist them by modding.

It is recommended to mod an average of 3 times for every map you create and upload, minimum. The more the merrier. By helping people, you get your name out there and people are more likely to return the favor. Anyways, let's go on the really easy process.

First, download a map in Pending or Help. It can be a request, or it can be a totally random map. It just needs to not be ranked. Just grab a totally random map for now.

Now, start off with the easiest difficulty of the bunch. Start by playing this difficulty in either Play mode or test mode.*Keep a mental note of what you actually notice and actually affects you, anything that sounds bad, any New Combo that makes you go WTF, etc. Also if the timing feels right.

If the timing feels wrong, please point this out. If you're experienced, you should be able to get a better timing, so do that if you can. If you're a newbie, please merely mention it then carry on.

Afterward, start up a new post on the forums, and go into the Editor.

Now, go into the Editor, and scroll through the song (look at the bottom) until you come upon the part of the song you noticed that seemed wrong. Select it. Now, go to Edit -> Copy at the top. Now, go to your post, and paste that there, then follow up with either what you think is wrong, or simply that it doesn't seem right and you can't put your finger on it. Also look for things that you didn't notice while playing.

Rinse and repeat with the next difficulty; keep in mind that if you see something while in the Editor that you didn't notice while playing, point that out too. Click "Submit" when your post is finished.


What to look for:

-Read through and viewtopic.php?f=6&t=439 before modding for the first time.

-Look for any spacing that you can actually notice during play, and that actually screws you up. It could always be a jump, or intention close-spacing. All that matters is, does it feel right? Does it make sense?

-If the hitsound volume's too loud/the music is too quiet. If the whistles are hurting your ears, this is probably the case. Please make sure your own volume isn't too loud/quiet, then if everything checks, inform the mapper and tell them to increase the song's volume or turn down the hitsound's volume.

-Anything that's unrankable, or doesn't make sense. Examples:

1. A hit circle is in the same exact spot as the end of a slider on the time line.

2. In a single combo, they have regular spacing except for the last note. The lyrics here are just begging for a jump, but... it's the opposite of a jump.

3. They use a .5x inheriting section... but the music doesn't sound slower, and it doesn't feel slower, thus confusing you.

4. Burai sliders. Ask in chat if you don't know what these are. These should never be used, since they're hard to read for some and look ugly, since it looks like the slider doesn't have a real end.

5. There's correct spacing throughout a combo... but there's a 1/8 in it. This is fine... if the 1/8 goes to the music. But, ah! There's no 1/8 in the music! ...Oops.

-If the map is repetitive, or if any sections are repetitive.

-If the timing's on/off. Duh.

-If the Combo Colors blend in with the BG.

-If the BG is basically a naked woman. I am not joking, this did happen once. Sexual-appealing images with clothes on/creatures without "stuff" is fine, though. Just use your brain.

-Check the song's folder, you won't be able to do it forever, but for now, check it! Just go through the folder, see if there are any unnecessary files and such. If the downloaded file was over 10 MB without video or 20 MB with, look here to see what is the culprit. Common sense applies.

Finally, the big cookie, and all it boils down to. The big question is...

-Does the map play well? If anything causes the map not to play well, point it out!


Summary (tl;dr):

Point out anything that doesn't feel right, visual elements that are ugly, ugly sliders, etc. Think of anything that could make the map better if it was changed. All there is to it.


Gen's addition:

Secret Tips that might make your mod better:

* Always check the song folder for anything that shouldn't be there (might be impossible to do when osz2 comes out).
* Check the Source and Tags. They're always useful!
* Check that the same offset is used between all difficulties.
* Check the preview point, if it's set correctly.
* If you know about image editing, nitpick the skin as much as you can! (if the map has skin of course)
* Check if all notes are snapped.
* Check that the Kiai Time is the same on all difficulties (not necessary but should always be checked).
* Check for offscreen notes (they're unrankable, if you didn't know) (yes I always forget about this).

That's everything I can think of. I really hope to see better maps in the future (I'm not trying to offend anyone)... I've seen some maps with 40+ (50+?) SP with still a few of these mistakes. ;_;


You'll notice that I summed up my entire post in two sentences just now. That is because I was making a point. What was it?

That modding is easier than it looks! Just give it a shot, it's not too difficult and makes the world a better place.

You may not be able to mod well, but you can at least make an effort, right? Just make an effort, please, for all of us.

That is all.
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Modding does take lots of time when you have over 35 beatmaps to mod~
When I say beatmaps I mean difficulties.

Ekaru wrote:


There is a small variation. This can only be done if you know what the hell you're doing.

Go into the Editor, and don't play the map. Instead, watch the map play out in the Editor. Or, watch it in Auto. Proceed as normal.

This is done if the map is too difficult for you, or you're merely looking for bad hitsounds or New Combo marker issues.

If you're a newbie, just playing through it is enough.
I strongly believe this should be revised.

In my opinion, you should always attempt to play a map, even if you are not skilled enough to play it. If you can't pass it, put on No Fail. If you can't play it period, because it's one deathstream or whatever, point it out. "This difficulty was too hard for me" is a useful suggestion especially when it's an Easy or Normal difficulty.

Why do you have to play it? If you don't, you have no way of knowing if a map plays well. You wrote:

Ekaru wrote:

-Does the map play well? If anything causes the map not to play well, point it out!
This should IMO be the number-one point.
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I just put that there because a couple BATs I know do it. But yes, I'll revise it. You should not attempt it unless you seriously know what the hell you're doing.

BRB revising.

EDIT: Done. That should make it clearer. Also added a nazi definition, since I used that in the added note.

If you are experienced enough, you are experienced enough to break the "rules." Thus, I don't think exceptions should be detailed in a "how to mod" guide. So ... Remove them completely to avoid confusion?
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Fine, I'll revise it *again*.

EDIT: Happy?
Here are some small technical issues I found.

Ekaru wrote:

If you noticed anything, start a post up in the topic in a browser window and proceed to the Editor. If you didn't notice anything, start a post up, write "nothing I noticed", and skip the next part. Since you quoted "nothing I noticed", I sort of got the impression that you want the modder to write exactly that when they find no errors in a map. Can you please add something like "or a variation of that phrase" or something of that nature to make your statement more inclusive?

nazi: People who don't even play the map and point out lots of things that are either intentional or have no effect on gameplay whatsoever. Have a good chance of making suggestions that would make the map worse. Can you please say what nazi modding is exactly? The current passage contains the definition but does not link the definition back to nazi modding.
Also I am not sure if everyone would agree that nazi modding has a "good chance" to make the map worse. Can you please rephrase it in way that is more neutral such as "Making these suggestions could make the map worse." Also the sentence is currently missing a subject.

-Anything that's unrankable, and doesn't make sense. Obvious exceptions are obvious. Please change the "and" to "or" and give some examples since it is pretty vague right now. Some examples could be notes overlapping on the time line and notes that don't follow the music

You should mention something on the combos in the "What to look for" section
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Fixed the first two. I'm fixing the last one as we speak.

EDIT: Done, that should do it.
Another item to add:
Under the "What to look for:" section, add a section for inherited timing sections being placed on top of notes when volume change occur and for unused and needless inherited timing sections.

strager wrote:


If you are experienced enough, you are experienced enough to break the "rules." Thus, I don't think exceptions should be detailed in a "how to mod" guide. So ... Remove them completely to avoid confusion?
I let auto play the difficulties that are beyond my abilities, otherwise I can't see where things are legitimately awkward or inconsistent because I'm too busy lagging behind followpoints
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Conclusion changed, now that the issue has settled down.

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For the record, I changed a couple things, particularly in the "Variation" section. Big difference there. It's so... clean now. And more correct. That is all.
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.

Gens wrote:

  1. Check the Source and Tags. They're always useful!
Almost everyone seems to forget these things :(
A LOT of the ranked maps has no tags and even when i point out about adding tags they ignore it.. (Even some BATs ignore tags :( )
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I added Gen's post in there. Also changed "Variation" to "Another Way" and said in the first section that after playing, if you don't notice anything, you should go in the Editor, and if you go in the Editor, you should point out anything that you didn't notice while playing.

Anything else?
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Cleaned it up big time.
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