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NM: Closed
M4M: Closed
GD: Closed
Currently slow/picky due to classes Winter break pog

Looking forwards to some interesting beatmaps!

  1. Length: Not too worried about length anymore since I'll mainly only check 1 diff for NM. I do prefer longer maps tho
  2. Star Rating: I like to playtest before modding so 3.7✰ - 5.5✰ for 4K and 2.0✰ - 4.5✰ for 6K. Feel free to send maps that are higher than this tho
  3. Style: Hybrid > Rice = Noodles
  4. Genre: Electronic, Rock, Swing, Any song with strong percussion focus
  5. Creative patterning
  1. Star Rating: I tend to dislike easy (<3 stars) maps unless they have something else to set them apart (such as keysounds)
  2. Patterning: Jumpstreams (please please please don't send me maps that are mainly jump/handstreams I will cry)
  3. Genre: Pop (or other genres that tend to be repetitive/overtly "cute")
  4. Joke Maps (ie. FNF week 16 impossible challenge 18.4✰)
M4M Maps
Your map will have higher priority if you choose to M4M :) (these are not in order)
  1. beatmapsets/1894276
  2. beatmapsets/1882557 (Either 6K Difficulty)
NOTE: I will mod first to avoid confusion
About GDs
• Mainly dependent on if I like the song or not (see Preferences and Dislikes).
• Needs to be going for ranked
• Would prefer below 3 minutes but if I really like the song I'll do above that.
• I may take a while to map it since I want to make sure there are as few mistakes as possible.
  1. Beatmap Link:
  2. NM/M4M/GD:
  3. Artist - Title:
  4. Keycount:
  5. SR(s):
  6. Mapper's Notes:
• Camellia - shadows of cats
• Camellia - Exit This Earth's Atomosphere ("Planetary//200step" Remix)
• Imy - Tsukishigure (Ranked!)
• DJ-Genki - Nibelungen
• Yonekura Chihiro - Be braver! (Ranked!)
• QUEENDOM - Ciki Ciki Bam Bam (TV Size)
• xi - Lemuria (Ranked!)
• Neko Hacker - From Zero feat. Rika (Ranked!)
• t+pazolite - Refactoring Travel (feat. Nanahira) (Cut Ver.) (Ranked!)
• Camellia - King of Lions
• technoplanet - Juvenile
• Toby Fox - Rude Buster (Camellia Remix)
• Dimier√Lisb - Evil Emperor
• xi - Bad Elixir (Ranked!)
• DJ Myosuke & Laur - Break Through Myself feat. Risa Yuzuki (Ranked!)
• Camellia Vs. Expander - AZISAI (Long ver.) (Ranked!)
• Aphex Twin - Formula
• Fujikawa Chiai - Bakemono to Yobarete (Ranked!)
• Inabakumori - Himitsu no Shougakusei
• Rigel Theatre - Lurie
• Noah - Deadly Force (Twice)
• Camellia - Spin Eternally
• Team Grimoire - Rrahr'ill
• BlackY vs. Yooh - HAVOX (Camellia's "XATAXLYSM" Remix)
• cute girls doing cute things - I like cute girls (with Miraie)
• TUYU - Anoyo-iki no Bus ni Notte Saraba
• wowaka - Unknown Mother-Goose feat. Hatsune Miku
• Kobaryo - Everlasting Liberty
• Coda - Tires on Fire (Ranked!)
• Various Artists - Oto Wakka (Cut Ver.)
• kaon - Nano Letters (Ranked!)
• Takanori Nishikawa - Eden through the rough (TV Size) (Ranked!)
• Morimori Atsushi - Funkotsu Saishin Casino
• Oishi Masayoshi - Koi wa Explosion (feat. Tamura Yukari) (TV Size) (Ranked!)
• tv room - Lake Attitash
• MYUKKE - Kalis Mind
• Chroma - Test Flight (Ranked!)
• tezuka - Yukianesa (Ranked!)
• MYUKKE. - Road to 773H
• μ's - No brand girls (GRP-Explosion Mix)
• Mili - Children of the City
• YUI - again (TV Size) (Ranked!)
• Kizuna AI - The Light (Assertive Hardcore Bootleg)
• Magnetude - Broken
• Bossfight - Milky Ways
• Jipotan - Piano Rendan Teki "You" ~Higurashi no Naku Koro ni~
• Kotoha - Sekai (Cut Ver.) (Ranked!)
• ReoNa - Nai Nai (Ranked!)
• Bu Cai - Fu Sheng (Ranked!)
• Aiobahn feat. KOTOKO - INTERNET OVERDOSE (Ranked!)
• katagiri - STRONG 280
• Aitsuki Nakuru & Kabocha - Lilith (Ranked!)
• S3RL x LIDA - My Girlfriend is a Raver (DJ Edit)
• Fit For An Autopsy - Oh What The Future Holds
• Oldsenka - Youkai Mountain ~ Mysterious Mountain
• Camellia as "menaXe inXonnu" - Xronial Xero
• Camellia - PSYCHO+HEROES
• Aiurabu - Kani Do-Luck! (TV Size)
• DJ Genki vs. Gram - Einherjar Joker
• Luxiem - Cope in the dark
• DJ Mass MAD Izm* feat. H14 (LEONAIR) - Don't believe the hype (Ranked!)
• Kenshi Yonezu - KICK BACK (TV Size) (Ranked!)
• capoxxo - perfect ft. oaf1 & dreamcache
• Ponkichi & Yunyun - Samurai Tiger
• Camellia - Exit This Earth's Atomosphere (Camellia's "Planetary//200step" Remix)
• Divide Music - Say My Name
• Station Earth - Cold Green Eyes feat. Roos Denayer (Blue Marble VIP) (Cut Ver.)
• Toby Fox - Rude Buster (Camellia Remix)
• Cororo feat.Yuria Miyazono - Hikari Sasu Mio no Yuzuriha
• missionary - song of sin
• Haywyre - Let Me Hear That
• Laur - Vindication(Extended)
• KNOWER - Time Traveler
• technoplanet - Inscape [Extended Mix]
• t+pazolite - Garakuta Doll Play
• aa...hisuichazuke... - steganography
• Tanizawa Tomofumi - Kimi ni Todoke (TV Size)
• Amane Kanata - Tokusha Seizon Wonder-la-der!!
• Matsumoto Fuminori - Yoru No Himawari (Ranked!)
• t+pazolite - T+ VS SHARK
• Ushio Kensuke - China
• Sound Horizon - Raijin no Migiude
• CS4W - Guilty Hostage
• Paroto - Kemono ni Naritai!
• Nstryder - A Miserable Pile of Secrets
• Kobaryo - Vicious Heroism
• LOONA/HeeJin - ViViD
• DJ Myosuke & Noizenecio - Architecture
• halca - Darekare Scramble
• ShinRa-Bansho x Yuuhei Satellite & Shoujo Fractal - Genso Connect
• SharaX - Down Under
• Nokae - Interim
• BlackY vs. Yooh - Happy Voice
• Battles ft. Sal Principato - Titanium 2 Step (Cut Ver.)
• BrayanKitsn - Crystallized Snow
• Juggernaut. - Abiogenesis
• Larnell Lewis - Coconuts
• Masayoshi Soken - Shadows Withal
• void (Mournfinale) feat. Hoshikuma Minami - Testify
• Haywyre - Dichotomy (Soft Mix)
• onoken - felys final remix
• Leah Kate - 10 Things I Hate About You (Sped Up & Cut Ver.)
• cute girls doing cute things - Surprise
• Camellia - KillerToy
• Marie - Clover Day's
• Ardolf - Until the end of time
• Various Artists - Kao mo honmyou mo shiranakuttatte orera tomodachi darou?
• Eve - Yamiyo (TV Size)

Total Modded: 110
ratJAM jumpscare
Artist - Title: Camellia - shadows of cats
Length: 4:15
SR: 4.69
Mapper's Notes: Classic SM/Etterna/osu!Mania 4K Dan song, now with a less funny chart. Hybrid focused, with limited bursts. Chart might be much harder than the SR so we'll see

P.S: you forgot to ask for a link!
Artist - Title: Camellia - Exit This Earth's Atomosphere ("Planetary//200step" Remix)
Length: 6:41
SR: 5.05
Mapper's Note: The star rating might not align properly with the actual difficulty.
Satoko Hojo

Artist - Title: R3 Music Box - Harumachi Clover
Length: 0:45 (i know)
SR: 0,92*-1,97*
Mapper's Notes: A 96 Instrumental AniSong, with a 1* Insane what have jacks and not focused on long notes
Topic Starter

• shadows of cats - Tricky but enjoyable first playthrough, I didn't notice any significant problems with the map but I'll take a closer look at it and try to offer some more thorough feedback.
Also thanks for pointing out the problem with the format
• Exit This Earth's Atomosphere ("Planetary//200step" Remix) - A comfortable play, I do think there's some inconsistencies with the section difficulties so I'll do my best to bring those to light in a closer look.


• Harumachi Clover - As much as I love harumachi clover, I'm not great at modding really low star difficulties (sorry). As general feedback, keep an eye on chord consistency as I found that there were several accented sounds in the song that were not mapped as chords, or vice versa.
Beatmap Link: beatmapsets/1779160#mania/3643694
Artist - Title: Imy-Tsukishigure

Length: 4:18
SR: 3.52*
Mapper's Notes: Map based on the structure of the drum, have chordjacks <3
[GB][ koeri ]
Beatmap Link: beatmapsets/1754728#mania/3591005
Artist - Title: DJ-Genki - Nibelungen
Length: 2:46
SR: 4.84
Mapper's Notes: I wish the map to be available with more people, please feel free to make comments on things you think is harder than the SR should be.

Beatmap Link: beatmapsets/1747020
NM/M4M/GD: NM plss
Artist - Title: sokoninaru - Lament moment
Length: 3:10
SR: 4.53 (NzArs' Insane)
Mapper's Notes: Need help in that GD, i know it still has a lot of inconsistencies and things to improve, any mod will help a lot. if you want to mod any other diff instead of NzArs' Insane you can also do that if you want

Topic Starter

• Tsukishigure - The map has fairly few issues from what I saw, at time of posting this I've actually already modded it so you can see my feedback on the discussion page.

• Nibelungen - For your first(?) beatmap this is quite well done! As you mentioned there's a few fluctuations in map difficulty that probably aren't intended, so I'll try to help you iron those out as best I can.


• Lament moment - I'm going to be honest, the difficulty needs a lot more work than I would be able to fit into a reasonable amount of mods. Rather than more mods I would suggest a start-to-finish rework of the layering/patterning throughout, using other difficulties as a reference. Sorry, I'll reject for now.
Beatmap Link: beatmapsets/1673856
Artist - Title: mayoi namekuji - hayburid
Length: 1:13
SR(s): do i have to list them all? from 1.64* - 5.66*
Mapper's Notes: much difficulties many skillset such wow
Beatmap Link:
Artist - Title:LeaF - Doppelganger
Length: 2:24
SR: 6.03*
Mapper's Notes: This map may feel uncomfortable for you, if it can be modified, please do. :(
Beatmap Link: beatmapsets/1762212#mania/3606880
Artist - Title: Yonekura Chihiro - Be braver!
Length: 4:11
SR(s): 3.9*
Mapper's Notes: thanks owo)b
Topic Starter

• Be braver! - Pretty fun first playthrough! Fairly consistent, nothing really screamed out me as needing changes. There were a few minor things that I think could help improve so I'll take a closer look at it.


• hayburid - I'll keep it relatively short, I don't really like the song/mapping style enough to give good mods (though I was impressed by the number of difficulties :)).

• Doppelganger - As it is right now, the SVs feel really unfun to play to me. A lot of them feels very "trolly", as if they are just added to cause misses rather than actually contributing to the map's playing experience. I don't know enough about SV to help so I'll reject for now.
Noch Einen
Beatmap Link: beatmapsets/1768464
Artist - Title: QUEENDOM - Ciki Ciki Bam Bam (TV Size)
Length: 1:27
SR(s): 1-3*
Mapper's Notes: asking for a friend that is looking for rank on this map
Beatmap Link: s/1777602
Artist - Title: DIALOGUE+ - Deneb to Spica (TV Size)
Length: 1:30
SR(s): 1.55*-4.31*
Mapper's Notes: Hybrid LN mapping (Vocal and instrument)
Beatmap Link: beatmapsets/1775334#mania/3635347
Artist - Title: Sakuzyo - Amenohoakari
Length: 2:15
SR(s): 1.97*-4.51* (for now)
Mapper's Notes: LN map in Master and Re:Master. hope u like it~
Topic Starter

• Ciki Ciki Bam Bam (TV Size) - Props for making me spend 20 minutes trying to figure out where I've heard this song before. There's a few sections I think could be improved so I'll try to highlight those in my mods.


• Deneb to Spica (TV Size) - Sorry, the song is a bit too far off my preferences for me to enjoy modding. As general feedback, I noticed that the Stellarium difficulty had some ghost notes in it that felt a little out of place (I'll show you an example in a single mod).

• Amenohoakari - Couldn't really find anything wrong with this mapset, I had a good time playing it. I'll drop you a hype :D
Beatmap Link: beatmapsets/1771125#mania/3625703
Artist - Title: xi - Lemuria
Length: 2:18
SR: 2.35* ~ 4.78*
Mapper's Notes: i tried to make this map interesting.
Henlo O.o

Beatmap Link: beatmapsets/1777179#mania/3639452
Artist - Title: xi - Halcyon -Long Version-
Length: 5:01
SR(s): 4,94*
Mapper's Notes: HB map with streams and a lot of LN. Xi map and beautifull song.

Thx in advance.
Beatmap Link: beatmapsets/1531489#mania/3618642
Artist - Title: Neko Hacker - From Zero feat. Rika
Length: 3:37
SR(s): 1.5~4.5
Mapper's Notes: Featured Artist, going for rank

hope you like, thanks
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