[$120 CASHPRIZE] osu! Door Opening Tournament

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osu! Door Opening Tournament

Welcome to probably the stupidest tournament ever hosted on this game. Inspired by Jerry's door-opening speedrun tweet, welcome to the first official osu! Door Opening Tournament. Yes, this title implies exactly what you think. It's a tournament about opening doors. Welcome!



  1. All players must have played any gamemode of osu! somewhat actively or be active in the community itself. (1k+pp players will probably all be accepted.)
  2. Registration is to be made by answering directly under this forum post. Each player must post their Discord username along with a video of them opening a door as fast as possible.
  3. There will be a qualifying phase during the registration phase itself, depending on how fast players can open a door. Hence the video being asked during registrations. For now, the top 32 will be allowed in the tournament. Depending on registrations, we may open it to more players.
  4. Players will have to be in a Discord VC with their camera on to film themselves opening their door during each match.
  5. Timer for everything in the tournament will start the moment your hand touches the knob. And it ends the moment the room behind the door is seen on camera.
  6. Before any run, players will have to open and close the door properly first. That way players will not be able to just lean on it.
  7. Any door is eligible in this tournament, as long as it has a knob or a handle, and isn't an automatic door or a sliding door, and is actually human-sized (at least 1 meter), AND IS ACTUALLY A PHYSICAL DOOR I CAN'T BELIEVE I HAVE TO ADD THIS.
  8. You cannot lean on or kick the door. You can only open it with your hand.
  9. Reschedules of matches can happen until the Thursday of each week, at 23:59UTC.
  10. Matches in the tournament from RO32 to Quarterfinals will be BO3. From Semifinals until Grand Finals, it will be BO5.
  11. First round of each match will be who is the fastest to open the door.
  12. Second round of each match will be who is the fastest to close the door.
  13. Third round of each match will be a door beauty contest. It will be about having the most creative way to close a door. Votes will be split 50/50 between judges and viewers.
  14. Fourth round of each match will be a spinning challenge. Each player will have to turn very quickly for 10 seconds, then open the door the fastest.
  15. Tiebreaker of each match will be a stamina challenge to see who can open and close a door the most during 2 minutes. It will have to be fully opened and closed each time.


Host: Kasumi-sama

Designer: OsuMe65

Streamer: Kasumi-sama TaikoMom

Commentator: -Storm7- Mister Boo TaikoMomTeezel Vaf

Judges: Boaz Drecksackblase Jerry Mister Boo TaikoMom

Still looking for staff as well, feel free to DM me if you wanna help as a commentator/judge!


April 29th - May 9th: Registration phase

May 9th: Final qualifiers results on a livestream.

May 15th - May 16th: Round Of 32 + Loser's Bracket Round 1

May 22nd - May 23rd: Round Of 16 + Loser's Bracket Round 2

May 29th - May 30th: Quarterfinals + Loser's Bracket Round 3 and 4

June 5th - June 6th: Semifinals + Loser's Bracket Round 5 and 6

June 12th - June 13th: Winner's Bracket Finals + Loser's Bracket Finals and Grand Finals

June 19th: Grand Finals


First place: Profile banner + $100 via PayPal + 1 month of Nitro Classic.

Second place: $20 via PayPal

If you wish to offer money to the cashprize of this tournament, feel free to DM me on Discord! (Kasumi-sama#5007)

Thanks to LordEnder, 9_9 and quadrillionaire for the current donations.
are you mental
Excuse me what the fuck?
Aerodynamicist and Product Designer are scrambling right now
what the actual fuck.
You cant be real are u
Houshou Marine
I was half-asleep when I read this. I just recently woke up from a 1 hour nap and I was going to play Minecraft until I received a ping from the GTS server announcing this tournament. It took me 20 minutes to realize that this is actually happening.
welcome to the ohio state university! department of transportation
Cheese Da Stingray#6350
When you open door
Ez win for sure have been training for this since the day I was born.

Discord: Rikc_#6542
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PapaRikku wrote:

Ez win for sure have been training for this since the day I was born.

Discord: Rikc_#6542
Absolutely glorious.

You need to join the server though!
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