BanchoBot's player cardBanchoBot's player card

BanchoBot is a bot (i.e. a set of commands with automated responses) programmed by Echo49 that assists people in chat by displaying certain information and announcing game-related messages. It is the host of the bancho irc and has a user profile with the ID #3 (next to peppy who is #2). It also has its own twitter profile!

BanchoBot Commands

To use BanchoBot commands, you must use the ! prefix everytime. Normal users can only use these commands in multiplayer channels and in BanchoBot PM. If a user send a command in public chat, normal users won't see it and they get it as a private message. Users can also use /bb <command> client command to automatically open a BanchoBot tab and sending the command immediately.

For a list of slash (client) commands, visit the Chat Console article.

Command Argument(s) Description Example Input Example Response
HELP None Shows the list of available commands !help This list
ROLL [number] Randomly gets a value up to the selected number (default is 100). !roll 1000 "Nathanael rolls 789 point(s)"
STATS <user_name> Displays the stats of the user depending on the mode they're playing !stats peppy "Stats for peppy: Score: 412,018,739 (#94718) Plays: 7073 (lv65) Accuracy: 87.31%"
WHERE <user_name> Shows the current location of the user. !where Kyubey "Kyubey is in Russia"
FAQ [lang:]<entry>/list Displays the message of the entry. Use list as entry to show all available entries. !faq ping "Pong!"
REPORT <user_name> <reason> Sends a report to the chat moderators. Replace username spaces to underscores _ !report S_o_h spamming in #japanese "Chat moderators have been alerted. Thanks for your help."
REQUEST None Receive a random beatmap that a user requests modding assistance. !request "HoneyWorks - Tokyo Summer Session feat. CHiCO by MrSergio"