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- Check my last post.
- I have not modded in the last year so unsure of how I will go
- Only M4M because any queue I try to post is full in 2 minutes.

Hey all, welcome to my queue!
I'm still learning modding/mapping, so theres a few limitations to get a mod:

Mod Rules

0. Always check my last post for special rules.
1. Map is equal to or less than 8 stars. (Because most BATS want >=8)
2. Draining time less than 2 minutes, and 30 seconds.
3. One map per post.
4. Only for ranking osu! mode.
5. Please wait 2 pages inbetween your requests. (If you post page 1, you need to wait until page 4 to post again)
6. I encourage feedback, telling me what you didn't change and why etc (reply to my mod post). I learn from this, so better mods will be given in the future.
7. 3 Maps after my last post.

Mod 4 Mod

[box.=M4M Stuff]
Ignore all rules from "Mod Rules"
May also ignore the "special rule" if one is present at the time.

M4M Rules

  1. Only for ranking osu! mode.
  2. Drain time less than 3 minutes and 30 seconds. (Less than 3 preferred)
  3. One map per post.
  4. Two people per opening.

So I know its a M4M post like the following:

I have modded: (Lucy's beatmap link)
Please mod my: (Your beatmap link)
Mod one of these(only one atm) :)


  1. I will attempt to mod bubbled maps, if your willing to update it if I find anything useful/unrankable.
  2. My stars are based on if I like the song, AND you have done a good job mapping it.
  3. WIP is fine aslong as it's well developed and there is actually something to mod.
  4. I'm "getting better" at modding Insane, but may not find much.
  5. If I don't like your song, I may skip it sorry :(
  6. I only mod in English sorry D:
  7. Mods may or may not take a few days ._.
-Baby Strawberry-
This is my 1st map, a little bit longer than u expected..but really needs modding. mod it if u like~!
Avril Lavigne - Wish You Were Here
Thx in advance~! :)
10 stars ~
can you still mod it ~ >~<
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Working on them~
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All cleared~
3 More :)
3stars atm!
thank you :D
Mod Please:
Thanks in advance
3 stars atm
Thanks you~~
6 star
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That was fast :3
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Okay, all done. Let's open it up again!
(I may take a few days this round, I'm working alot because of christmas)
3 Slots to fill!
Yutsuki yukari
itank thanks in advance~
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7 minutes to fill, not too bad. :)
Closed ^^

{Edit: All finished in 3 hours o_0, but keeping this closed for a little while so I can play things ;) }
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Ok, looks pretty busy - Lets do this again :)
3 More!
(Once again, might take me a few days to clear due to work

Kawayi Rika
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Thankyou hoLysoup for reading the rules ^^
I may take a little look at it, but no promises.

Kawayi has 6 ranked maps, and i'm currently helping new mappers, so theres still 2 more spots after thou open!

tl;dr - "New mappers", read OP to confirm requirements

(30+ minutes.. everyone must have left after Sapphire closed her queue ._. )
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