Poll 39: What did you think of the Aspire 2017 Presentation?

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What did you think of the Aspire 2017 presentation stream?

I really enjoyed it!
I enjoyed it, but I think a few things could be done better.
It was okay.
I didn't really enjoy it.
I didn't like it at all.
Total votes: 342
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We recently held a livestream displaying the final 12 entrants for the popular Aspire 2017 beatmapping contest. We've never done anything like this before, so the format was something entirely new to us and quite experimental in parts.

We'd like to know how you felt about it overall, and if you noticed anything that you feel could be improved. Is it something you'd like to see more of? What exactly was the most entertaining part for you, if you enjoyed it?

In case you missed it, a link to the VOD is here.
Without the twitch chat, it's really nice, also, sometimes those silence was just stressing, but otherwise, that stream had a great quality.

I liked the idea that judges could give arguments on it, and give their opinions.
Had a blast, commentary was good and the maps were interesting. Always fun to watch twitch chat during these things too. A+!
Along with the Auto-mod, I'd like to see an OWC-style demonstration with an actual player to get a feel what an intuitive player could do, since the auto-mod doesn't always compensate for gimmicks like 2B and spinners combined with other objects.
was good
I feel it would've been better if there was more info on this happening. But I really enjoyed it. (Needs more pishifat voiceover)
Foxy Grandpa
Ztrot needs to not talk like every 2 seconds, that was my only issue.

Other than that it was pretty neat
hello there

imo the stream was pretty neat and entertaining to watch, not to mention it was well organized too!
hello there
I really enjoyed seeing three of my favorite mappers talk about the entries, but ztrot saying something about "Freedom Dive" or "stream practice map" got old really fast. It seemed like he had to make some sort of comment like that every time a stream longer than 10 notes showed up. The song isn't even 220bpm, I don't really know why he kept referencing that one map in particular - was there an obligation to just keep talking the entire time?

Other than that, three mappers I look up to discussing Aspire entries was pretty entertaining. Pishi sounds different without an equalizer like in his mapping tutorial videos!
Music is kinda too loud compared to the commentators at points, couldn't hear them clearly enough, especially pishi/oko. Maybe boost commentators volume a bit?
Also would like judges to be more critical of the maps, lashing out a bit might be good. After all, you could use this opportunity to educate the viewers a bit about why this is good or why this is bad so the voting could be more rational.

In general, pretty good though, enjoyed the bantz and overall production value.
I enjoyed it!

Nice job y'all
quite good
madness fun <3
I like it but when the map is played, just silence and let the map plays, and give a judge when its done playing.
It was pretty good to know who was speaking when. (Not sure if other streams are like this, but at least that feature helped me a lot to focus on.)

Also considering the aspire contest to be a community voting event, having a player base commentator would've benefit better to provide a various perspective on viewing each entries than all mapper base commentators. Yet, I enjoyed watching the VOD xD

Pyrozen wrote:

I like it but when the map is played, just silence and let the map plays, and give a judge when its done playing.
Unless the viewers (and judges) are paying a lot of attention and memorize details of the 5 minute map, this would make it difficult to properly comment on the parts of the map.
There are couple details you missed about the entries themselves but overall nothing to complain on the technical aspect
hello there
Why not any other gamemodes? I don't really "care" about the standard osu! gamemode.
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