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Becoming a Beatmap Nominator

Users interested in joining the Beatmap Nominators need to go through an application process overseen by the Nomination Assessment Team (NAT).

Applications are conducted via the NAT website.

Applicants are required to meet a modding activity requirement, submit at least two maps they have recently modded, and complete a Beatmap Nominator Test on the Ranking Criteria in order to submit their application. A message from the NAT will be sent once a verdict has been decided. More information on applying can be found on the website.

Basic criteria

Modders aiming to apply to the Beatmap Nominators must fulfil the following criteria:

  • They have been modding beatmaps actively for at least 3 months prior to applying.
  • They have accumulated at least 150 or 200 kudosu in total, depending on the mode they will apply to.
  • They provide 2 to 4 of their mods which they think qualify them to be a part of the Beatmap Nominators.

Modding expectations

Submitted mods should show that a user is capable of analysing and improving maps to a standard fit for the Beatmap Nominators.

The following are modding traits expected of Beatmap Nominators. Failure to display any of these traits may result in a rejected application.

  • Coverage of all difficulty levels
  • Identification of unrankable issues, including ones tools can't detect, such as incorrect timing or metadata
  • Comparison between parts of a map to support issues or suggestions
  • Commentary about a wide variety of map elements, such as rhythm, spacing, movement, intensity, contrast, and consistency
  • Identification of both isolated issues and general map-wide issues
  • Consideration of mappers' intentions when identifying issues and giving suggestions

How new potential Beatmap Nominators are chosen

  • Modders will be evaluated by the corresponding NAT members of the game mode they applied for, taking into account the following criteria:
    • General attitude: Tone of delivery of the mods and other behavioural expectations from the Code of Conduct, as well as general behaviour in chat/forums.
    • Modding abilities: Knowledge of the general Ranking Criteria and specific criteria of each game mode. Additional abilities like Metadata, Timing, and some others will also be taken into consideration.
  • After evaluating each modder, a discussion will be made on whether the modder will join the Beatmap Nominators.

Modding Activity

In osu!, a certain activity threshold needs to be met to apply as a Beatmap Nominator. This activity requirement does not currently apply for osu!taiko, osu!catch, or osu!mania.

What qualifies as a mod post

  • Upon signing up, the website will automatically calculate your kudosu score from the last 3 months.
  • A qualified mod post is a user's posts on a beatmap discussion, in which at least one suggestion/problem got awarded with an upvote, and has been created within the 3 months.
  • The game mode that you modded beatmaps in does not matter as your activity in the modding community as a whole is being measured and not the activity in a certain game mode.
  • The point in time at which the kudosu has been awarded to your mod post does matter, as the calculator embed in the website will fetch the data from your own Modding History events.

How the required minimum score is calculated

  • This depends on the total ModScore an applicant achieved over the last months. This value is determined according to the following formula:

ModScore FormulaModScore Formula

m = Minimum expected number of individual beatmaps modded in a month
M = Total achieved number of individual beatmaps modded in a month

  • The website has a tool for calculating ModScore on its main page.
  • In order to determine their required minimum score, the sum of the total ModScore within the last three months must be greater or equal to zero,
  • The overall minimum threshold is set to the following values:
    • osu!taiko, osu!catch and osu!mania: m = 3 and a total of 150 kudosu or more
    • osu!: m = 4 and a total of 200 kudosu or more
  • It is usually a good idea to keep your score above these numbers, as they can vary slightly depending on the number of applicants.


Depending on your status, your cooldown and modscore requirement before you can apply again may vary.

Failed applications

You have these requirements if you failed a Beatmap Nominator application and apply again.

Type Cooldown Activity Requirements
Standard 90 days ModScore greater than 0 over 90 days
Reduced 60 days ModScore greater than 0 over 90 days
Failed Beatmap Nominator Test 30 days ModScore greater than 0 over 90 days

Rejoining after being removed from the Beatmap Nominators

Users who have recently left the Beatmap Nominators may have different requirements to rejoin compared to when they first joined. For users who have performed well prior to leaving, they may be able to rejoin with relaxed requirements. The NAT will inform the user if they have the opportunity to fast-track their way back into the Beatmap Nominators.

If you were a Beatmap Nominator before, these requirements apply unless you have failed an application since last time you were a Beatmap Nominator.

Listed ModScore requirements only apply to the osu! game mode, and not osu!taiko, osu!catch, and osu!mania. The 8 mod requirement for those applying after being removed for activity is shared across all modes.

Type Cooldown Activity Requirements
Standard 60 days ModScore greater than 0 over 60 days
Activity 30 days ModScore irrelevant, but 8 mods in 60 days
Good 30 days ModScore greater than 0 over 30 days

Former Beatmap Nominators who resigned on good terms within the past year will become full members immediately upon rejoining.