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osu!dev Discord server

osu!dev is the official Discord server for working on osu!'s open source and community projects. This is the main place to contribute to osu!'s development and get in touch with the osu! team.

The permanent invite link is


New members of the server aren't allowed to send messages by default. If they want to send messages, they can post in #arrival with a brief overview of their intentions, and a member of the osu! team will add a role that lifts the restriction.


Each main development discussed in the server has its own channel:

Project Channel
osu!(lazer) #osu-lazer
osu!framework #osu-framework
osu!web #osu-web
osu! star rating and performance points #difficulty-osu
osu!taiko star rating and performance points #difficulty-taiko
osu!catch star rating and performance points #difficulty-catch
osu!mania star rating and performance points #difficulty-mania
Beatmap Spotlights #osu-spotlights
osu! wiki #osu-wiki
Project Loved #osu-loved
Official tournament support #tournaments
osu! community meetings #community-meetings
Modding discussion and NAT meetings #modding
Mappers' Guild #mappers-guild