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Caution: Use at your own risk! The projects listed below are not endorsed by osu!, nor do they have any official support.

Tools and/or services made by the osu! community. Feel free to add your own osu!-related projects to this list.

Game Clients

  • McOsu—A free open-source circle-clicking rhythm game practice client for osu! beatmaps with Virtual Reality support.
  • opsu!—An unofficial osu! client written in Java.
  • osu! python edition—Python clone of osu!
  • osu!droid—An unofficial osu! client written for Android, open source.
  • T-Aiko!—A free Taiko no Tatsujin clone that plays osu! beatmaps on your iPhone or Android device.
  • 戳泡泡—A Chinese clone of osu!.




Live streaming

  • gosumemory—Cross-platform memory reader for osu!
  • Mikuia—A Twitch bot that can keep track of song requests and sends updates about any rank changes or plays you set in the chat.
  • osu!Keys—Displays a key input overlay to overlay in a live stream.
  • osu!RequestBot—Keep track of song requests while streaming.
  • osu!StreamCompanion—osu! information extractor for live streamers.




  • Automap-chan—Converts MIDI files to osu!mania beatmaps.
  • lua-mania—Converts osu!, osu!taiko, and osu!catch beatmaps to osu!mania.
  • Mania Hit Sounding Tools—Muliple tools for hitsounding osu!mania beatmap difficulties:
    1. Magic Copy—A tool that copies hitsounds from one difficulty to another and works with default and custom hitsounds. Original concept from osu!HitsoundManager.
    2. Hit Object to Storyboard—Allows you to copy hitsounds and paste them into the storyboard.
    3. Note Density calculator—Lists the distribution of keys in osu!mania difficulties.
    4. Hitsound Detective—Checks for unused hitsounds in other difficulties (based on the selected difficulty).
    5. Keysound Maker—Creates keysounds for osu!mania.
  • o2jam to osu!mania converter—An o2jam to osu!mania converter.
  • OMISM—An osu!mania to Stepmania beatmap converter (and an osu!mania keysound copier).
  • omtrc - osu!mania timerate changer—A timerate changer for osu!mania.
  • osu!HitsoundManager—A hitsounding tool for osu!mania that copies hitsound files and volume from hit objects to hit objects and storyboards. Originally named osu!MagiCopy.




Beatmap Management

Beatmap Mirrors

  • BloodCat—A well known beatmap mirror hosted in Korea.
  • Beatconnect—A mirror site for downloading osu! beatmaps.
  •—A beatmap mirror and the succesor to BloodCat.
  • Sayobot—A Chinese beatmap mirror.
  • Yet another beatmap mirror—Yet another beatmap mirror.


Internet Relay Chat

See also: Internet Relay Chat


  • Bonus PP calculator—Calcuates how much bonus pp a user has.
  • haitai—Unlock requirements for osu! medals.
  • osekai—A team dedicted to making websites for osu! such as medal unlock requirements or alternative ranking leaderboards.
  • osu! level calculator—Calculates the needed score to achieve a certain level.
  • osu! Stats Watcher—Write player stats into a file, which can then be displayed using Open Broadcaster Software.
  • osu!chan—Hosts a multitude of alternative ranking leaderboards.
  • osu!Skills—Expands pp into include other metrics such as stamina, reaction, and memory.
  • osu!Stats—Search scores and player statistics.
  • osu!track—A tool that allows players to track their progress in-game and see visually see their improvement over time.
  • osu!track (IRC)—The in-game IRC bot for osu!track.
  • osu!widget—A desktop app that allows for the end user to keep track of their rank, accuracy, and play count.
  • osu-pps—A website that lists the most overweight maps in terms of pp by using a calculation system similar to ppv1, and sorts mappers by how many overweight maps they have or how many high-quality beatmaps they have according to other mappers' favorites.
  • PerformancePlus (PP+)—An unofficial osu! ranking system featuring global and national player rankings, global score rankings, rankings for 8 different (sub)skill categories, detailed player profiles, leaderboards for ranked beatmaps using the pp+ system, and bimonthly seasonal rankings.
  •—Originally a spreadsheet, now a website for opt-in US state ranking leaderboards for osu! with some states' Discord servers being listed.
  • RTPP Displayer—Calculates and displays earned pp while playing on the fly.