List of the osu! wiki maintainers

The maintainers regularly look after the issue tracker and review pull requests from contributors. Contrary to other contributors, they can edit pull requests and merge them into the master branch of the repository, effectively making the changes public.

If you need help with making a contribution or want a review on your pull request, send a message in the #osu-wiki channel of the osu!dev Discord server and a maintainer or another contributor will reply back (all maintainers know English).

The wiki team

osu! profile GitHub profile Status Additional languages
clayton cl8n Inactive -
Ephemeral Ephemeralis Active -
Joehu Joehuu Active -
juankristal juankristal Inactive Spanish
Loctav Loctav Inactive German
MegaApple_Pi MegaApplePi Inactive -
Okoratu Okorin Inactive German
peppy peppy Active Japanese
Repflez Repflez Inactive Spanish
Shiro osuShiro Inactive French
TicClick TicClick Active Russian
TPGPL TPGPL Active Polish
Walavouchey Walavouchey Active Finnish, Swedish
WalterToro WalterToro Inactive Spanish

The news team

Curators, editors, and approvers of all news posts that appear on the website.

osu! profile GitHub profile
Ephemeral Ephemeralis
peppy peppy
pishifat pishifat

Past maintainers

This list includes maintainers of the MediaWiki setup, which the osu! wiki used to have: