Support Team

For a team that administers accounts, see: Account support team

The Support Team, also known as Support Team Redux, are members of the osu! staff whom are focused at forum moderation on several subforums: Development, Gameplay & Rankings (excluding Tournaments and Mapping Techniques), Skinning, Feature Requests, and Help.

Roles and responsibilities

The Support Team is responsible for:

  1. Testing and/or confirming bug reports to let the developers know and for them to resolve.
  2. Organising threads at Feature Requests and Help, marking them as Resolved, Confirmed, Invalid, Duplicate and/or Added.

If someone needs any assistance on the said subforums, members of this team are available to help.

Team members

The Support Team group page lists all of the team members.

Note: All Support Team members speak English in addition to the language(s) listed below unless noted otherwise.

Name Additional languages
Nathanael Filipino
Saten Swedish, Spanish
Tom94 German
Trosk- Spanish