How to start a beatmap project

Please specify project type (Discography, Album, Collab) by LuigiHann

Note: This article is about the Beatmap Projects forum section and how to approach it.

Making an informative thread title

Yes, your thread's title will determine if other osu! users will "yay" or "nay" your Beatmap Project, even before they click on it!

This should consist [Discography] / [Album] / [Collab] before the title. Chances are high that your project will be ignored or moved to AW if the thread's title lacks on informations.


How to do:

  • [Album] Pandora Voxx -complete-
  • [Discography] Deemo

How not to do:

  • starting a new project, need your help with this album

Which one do I use?

Discography: List of albums/songs released by the singer/group/composer/game overall.

Album: List of songs in the album.

Collab: Creating a group-mapping project for a certain song. May range from SB request to mapping parts of a marathon map. Reference