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osu! scoring system

See also: osu! judgement system

The score given by each hit circle and end of a slider is calculated with the following formula:-

Score = Hit Value + (Hit Value * ((Combo multiplier * Difficulty multiplier * Mod multiplier) / 25))

Term Meaning
Hit Value The hit circle judgement (50, 100 or 300), any slider ticks and spinner's bonus
Combo multiplier (Combo before this hit - 1) or 0; whichever is higher
Difficulty multiplier The difficulty setting for the beatmap (see next header)
Mod multiplier The multiplier of the selected mods

Additionally each slider start, end and repeat tick awards 30 points, each slider middle tick awards 10 points and each spin of a spinner awards 100 points.

Additional bonus of 1,000 points given for each spin of a spinner after the spinner meter is full.

Difficulty multiplier

The Difficulty multiplier equals the old star rating. It can be calculated via the following formula:

Stars = Round((HP Drain + Circle Size + Overall Difficulty + Clamp(Hit object count / Drain time in seconds * 8, 0, 16)) / 38 * 5)

Note that game modifiers (like Hard Rock/Easy) will not change the Difficulty multiplier.
It will only account for original values only.