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osu!catch World Cup 2020 profile banners

high in hype and fiber

CWC 2020 Support Banner (Belgium)

Scientifically proven to be both high in hype and fiber, the osu!catch World Cup returns for in 2020 for a second serving! Show your support for any of the 16 countries aiming for the championship with this shockingly pretty profile banner showcasing this year's 2020 World Cup motif. Guaranteed to be the life of any self-respecting profile.

Note: claims relating to the fiber consumption of digital products are made for dramatic effect. Profiles are self-respecting by default without a banner purchase but considerably less attractive.

All proceeds from profile banner sales go directly towards the CWC prize pool without exception, and those who end up supporting the winning team will score an EXTRA shiny winner's banner that will last until the winner of the next World Cup is decided.

Profile banner purchases will be disabled before the Grand Finals begin.

Banner purchases that are not of the winning team will be removed from your profile after the osu!catch World Cup 2020 ends.

Purchasing a new banner will overwrite your old one.