osu! World Cup 2019 profile banners

bigger and better

OWC 2019 Support Banner (Australia)

The biggest osu! tournament of the year is here once again - and this time, even bigger than ever! Support any of the 32 countries in the running for the championship with this outrageously handsome profile banner. Side effects may include national pride, uncontrollable spamming in the osu!live Twitch chat and foaming from the mouth during tiebreakers.

All proceeds from profile banner sales go directly towards the OWC prize pool without exception, and those with enough foresight to support the winning team will receive an extra shiny winner's banner to tide them over until the next World Cup tournament starts up in 2020.

Profile banner purchases will be disabled before the Grand Finals begin.

Profile banner purchases last until the winning team of the osu! World Cup 2019 is declared, and those who have a banner of the winning team at that time will receive a special winner banner that lasts until the end of the next major World Cup tournament of any game mode. Banners not of the winning team will be removed from your profile after the osu! World Cup 2019 ends.

Purchasing a new banner will overwrite your old one.