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CWC 2024 Support Banner (Argentina)

Few tournaments in the world can boast such fearsomely-high fiber content as the osu!catch World Cup series has!

32 national teams have prepared for the dash of a lifetime to see who is the best of the best, the true lords and ladies of all things involving catching fruit falling at very high speeds. Show your support for these brave individuals by displaying their colours upon your profile with the swanky 2024 World Cup design in that gorgeous cobalt hue you know and love.

Should your chosen team stide forth to claim victory and become the osu!catch Champions of 2024, you'll score yourself a supremely shiny winner's banner which will proudly declare to the world that you were supporting the winners all along. This will carry over until the next World Cup concludes later on, or until you buy another profile banner, whichever happens first.

Profile banner purchases will be disabled before the Grand Finals begin.

Banner purchases that are not of the winning team will be removed from your profile after the osu!catch World Cup 2024 ends.

Purchasing a new banner will not overwrite your old one. Instead, all banners will be stacked vertically, sorted from the earliest order to the latest.