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TWC 2024 Support Banner (Argentina)

For over twenty years, dons and kats have reverberated out across reality at the behest of taiko-toting gamers everywhere. And as every don must also have a kat, so too must every World Cup delve into this rhythmic realm to reckon the greatest osu!taiko players of us all.

Support any one of the 32 teams contending for this prize with this unreasonably handsome profile banner in minty-fresh hues.

The World Cups have no sponsors or partners but you - by the community, for the community.

Those who support the winning team will earn an extra shiny winner's banner at the end of the tournament showcasing their triumph until the conclusion of the next World Cup, or until they purchase another banner for a later World Cup, whichever happens first.

Profile banner purchases will be disabled before the Grand Finals begin.

Banner purchases that are not of the winning team will be removed from your profile after the osu!taiko World Cup 2024 ends.

Purchasing a new banner will not overwrite your old one. Instead, all banners will be stacked vertically, sorted from the earliest order to the latest.