two mechanical keys, three buttons

osu! 'nono' keyboard / Black Body / Red Switches

A simple yet high quality solution to your tapping needs. Choose your favourite Cherry MX switch type from four options. Three extra programmable buttons for auxiliary functionality (defaults to Escape, F1 and F2 keys).

Lighting in the base fades between colours and reacts to how fast you tap (customisable)!

Lighting in the keys reacts to each tap!

See an example of the lighting effects here.

No driver required. Configuration app available for windows to re-bind keys.

Included in the package:

  • Keyboard unit (pre-assembled)
  • Two custom osu! key-caps for Cherry MX switches. osu! logo is transparent and backlit.
  • 4 dampening o-rings (two sets of different thicknesses)
  • Double-sided tape to stick firmly to your desk surface. Can be re-applied multiple times.
  • Plastic feet to be used instead of tape, should you not want to affix permanently to your table.
  • USB Cable

Configuration application available here (1.0b).

Instructional video on how to change switches here.


excluding shipping fees

Currently out of stock :(. Check back soon.