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Title:AngelFalse HP Drain:
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Creator:Linyx-sama Accuracy:
Length:2:33 (2:33 drain)
Source:Deemo Genre:Unspecified (Other) BPM:173
Tags:ari_knight syadow- another_lie lombit dionzz99 unknown_player megative nixeria-sama chouyaa ridho_2307 User Rating:
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May 29, 2017
Dec 11, 2017
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Featuring Guest Diff
  • Syadow-
  • Another Lie
  • lombit
  • dionzz99
  • Unknown_Player
  • Midnaait (soon)
  • Kawawa (soon) Not gonna happen.
  • Ari Knight
  • Hikaru (soon)
  • chouyaa

Difficulties {Ranked Pattern Equivalent (Old SR) / SV Equivalent}:
Image Syadow of Lie (2★ - 2.85★ / Lv. 17) - Not your average Hard difficulty. Expect some triple note chords, fast 1/2 streams, and SV that require a lot of reading / predict skills! Not recommended for beginners. Collab from Syadow- & Another Lie
Image Judgement Day (3★ / Lv. 9) - lombit's wicked SV . Pretty hard small LN pattern and some short 1/4 streams. But i'm sure this is fun diff.
Image Image Heavenly Punishment (3.5★ - ??★ / -----) - Tricky fake notes, High HP OD and LN jerk pattern inside. Better be prepared for this diff. Introducing the hell diff that contains impossible notes which has 2 means in gameplay. Modified by Another Lie
1. Some notes are impossible to tapped by player.
2. Some notes are intended to passed by on osu!topus.
Image AngelWings (3.8★ - 4★ / Lv. 13) - Lots of short 1/4 streams, LN patterns and some very unexpected and harsh slider velocity changes. Prepare your eyes to witness for massive SV's by dionzz99
Image chouyaa's Eternal Gospel (3.95★ - 4.15★ / Not yet) - Combining patterns from Nixeria, d99, SoL. With easier magical pattern & sv. Have Fun :D
Image Nixeria's Afterlife (4★ - 4.15★ / -----) - Lots of difficult patterning by Nixeria-sama. Maybe more similiar to Entozer's style. Good luck on passing this.
Image Angel Tears (5★ / Lv. 1) - A challenging diff mapped by Ari Knight. Experience the savage patterns with lots of speedy jumps, and rolls!
Image Image MEGA Apocalypse (4.66★ - ??★ / Lv. 21) (soon) - You thought [Syadow of Lie] was hard? Welcome to a whole new level of extreme SV's riddled with fake notes patterns. Even an Auto mode can't passed this 1M. Good Luck!
Image Unknown's Fallen Angel (5★ / Lv. 5) - Lots of burst & harsh chord designed for veteran & high ranking mania player. Contains pretty soft sv inside. Prepare your keyboard for this diff.
Image Ari's Doomsday (6★ / Lv. 5) - As it's name "Doomsday", many apocalypse pattern inside and even an auto can't passed SS it.
Kawawa diff (soon) [mania] Never happened.
Midnaait diff (soon) [Taiko] Never happened.